Mike Fata is the co-founder of Manitoba Harvest and Mike was overweight. He did not feel good about himself or about his health and he was frustrated about it. Mike decided it was time for a change in his life. This was how Manitoba Harvest came into existence. Continue reading our complete Manitoba Harvest review for more about this company.

Mike decided to start by overhauling what he was putting into his body and it began a life-changing journey. Not only for his health but for his professional career as well. 

Mike started researching and he found hemp. This superfood would allow Mike to change his diet. Through this one food, he was able to add protein, beneficial fats, and fibers, all of which are found in hemp.

Based on his experience with the many benefits of the hemp plant Mike believes that hemp can have a positive impact on everyone who uses it. Manitoba Harvest is centered around the idea that when we feel better we have the power to make meaningful and helpful changes that impact our lives for the better. 

Quick Facts

  • Established: 1998 
  • Headquarters: Winnipeg, Canada
  • Products Available: Hemp Hearts, Hemp Yeah! Granola, Hemp Yeah! Bars, Hemp Yeah! Hemp Milk, Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil, Hemp Yeah! Plant Protein Blend, Hemp Yeah! Hemp Protein Powder, Hemp Oil
  • Expected Price Range: A Package of Hemp Yeah! Granola is around $5 when buying from Amazon. 50mg CBD softgels have a list price of $89.99 on the Manitoba Harvest website. 50mg Unflavored and Peppermint CBD oil also have list prices of $89.99 on their website.

What Makes Manitoba Harvest Stand Out?

Manitoba Harvest is one of the largest hemp food manufacturers in the world. They have gotten there because of their drive for excellence and because they believe in the power of hemp. At Manitoba Harvest, they have a passion for learning and a passion for passing that knowledge to their customers.

Manitoba Harvest has been growing hemp for over 20 years. They also manufacture their own products, package, and distribute them around the world. Their experience, accomplishments, and accolades set them apart when it comes to the hemp industry and they are committed to further quality and innovation of their products.

They have set up their own empire within the hemp industry from their world-class manufacturing facilities to their robust supply chain network. They have placed an emphasis on freshness, quality, environmental sustainability, and reliability.

Manitoba Harvest is also a Certified B Corporation. This means that they have supply chain accountability with all partners, practice zero waste production, and utilize wind power to help offset their carbon footprint. On top of that, they were awarded the 2018 CHFA Sustainability Award.

Our Experience with Manitoba Harvest Products

50 mg CBD Oil

Manitoba Harvest CBD oil

We were able to sample two different CBD oil products from Manitoba Harvest. We tried both the Unflavored and Peppermint flavors in the 50mg of CBD per serving strength. These CBD oils are made from broad-spectrum hemp extract. 

Manitoba Harvest 50mg strength formula contains a total of 1500mg of CBD in each bottle and 50mg per each 1mL serving. You get approximately 50 servings per bottle. With a list price on their site of $89.99, you are looking at about $3 per serving.

Their CBD oils are CO2 extracted from non-GMO US hemp. Manitoba Harvest’s hemp is grown without the use of pesticides or any additional chemicals and their broad-spectrum formula is also THC free.

One very important aspect of Manitoba Harvest’s CBD oil is that they are all 3rd party lab tested for quality. We highly recommend that when searching for the best CBD brands you take a close look at whether they utilize third-party lab testing. Manitoba Harvest also does batch testing so that you can basically trace each product from seed to shelf. It makes for a transparent process and a higher quality product.

We were very pleased with the Unflavored and the Peppermint CBD oil. Some CBD users do not like the natural hemp taste but this was not at all over-bearing. We were most impressed with the Peppermint flavored CBD oil. It had a great peppermint taste and smell with no aftertaste.

Both of the 50mg concentration formulas were very effective for us. We found that holding the CBD oil under our tongues for 45-60 seconds allowed us to start feeling the effects within 30 minutes. Many CBD brands recommend holding it for around 30 seconds. In our experience, we have found better results holding just a little bit longer.

Manitoba Harvest CBD oil is made with organic MCT oil and organic peppermint oil. They use only high-quality ingredients to provide you with the best CBD oil possible.

50 mg CBD Softgels

Manitoba Harvest Softgels

CBD softgels are one of our favorite ways to take a daily dose of CBD. Manitoba Harvest has made it so easy with their 50mg per serving soft gel tablets. These are so easy to carry around and to take at your own convenience. You can take them at any time with or without food and these give you the ability to know exactly the amount of CBD you are taking with each serving.

We have actually become very fond of taking our CBD via softgels. It is so easy and convenient. You don’t have to worry about what flavor to get or how long to hold the CBD oil under your tongue. It is just a no-nonsense way of getting the daily health benefits of CBD and we like it.

CBD Protein Blend

We look forward to trying their CBD Plant Protein Blend. You get a total of 11 servings in each container. Each serving contains 15mg of Manitoba Harvest CBD. The protein blend is available in unflavored and chocolate versions.

These formulas are also THC free and are 3rd party lab-tested to give you the highest quality and consistency. Each serving also contains plant protein, fiber, and omegas 3 and 6. This would be a great choice as a post-workout recovery drink which is what we like to try it for.

Overall Thoughts About Manitoba Harvest

We knew Manitoba Harvest was a global leader in hemp manufacturing and hemp products. But we have also been pleasantly surprised by their CBD products. Both the 50mg CBD oil and 50mg CBD softgels are great products that were quite effective for us. We were especially pleased with the 50mg CBD softgel capsules.  They are a great serving size, go down easily, and contain the right dosage of CBD for our needs. CBD softgels are such an easy and convenient way for us to get our CBD dose.


  • Broad-spectrum CBD with zero-THC
  • Trusted company with proven history
  • 3rd Party lab tested with results available on their site
  • US grown hemp


  • Not as much variety as some other CBD brands(We are hopeful they will come out with more)
  • Free shipping only on orders over $49 and does not apply to Alaska or Hawaii

Final Thoughts From The CBD Guru – Manitoba Harvest CBD Review

We would absolutely recommend Manitoba Harvest. Their variation of CBD products is limited right now but they are worth it. If you are in the market for a high-quality CBD oil or CBD soft gels you should consider Manitoba Harvest.

We like that they are transparent about their process and they have 3rd party lab test results available for their products. Manitoba Harvest is a well established, trustworthy company that is a global leader already in the hemp industry. Their knowledge and expertise are hard to match and they have a passion to continue with innovation for their clients.

They do offer a ton of selection when it comes to hemp products so you could always try some of those as well. They refer to it as a superfood on their site. In all honesty, it would probably do us all some good to give hemp a try in our daily diets as well.

Overall Rating for Manitoba Harvest



Online presence is a big deal these days. I like the look and feel of their site while I was able to use it. Sites go down for various reasons but normally come back fairly quickly. The site was down for an extended period of time which I was surprised about.



You will be able to find cheaper CBD options than Manitoba Harvest. That doesn’t mean you are getting the same value. When you look at how much CBD you are getting for your money with Manitoba Harvest it is actually pretty good. One thing that would help is if they offered a wider range of CBD products. This would give customers more choices and would naturally give cheaper options as well.



We have no reason to question the safety of any of Manitoba Harvest’s products. In fact, we have every reason to feel confident and comfortable with their products. They put hemp seeds through more than 34 tests before being considered to be safe. And, of course, you can find third-party lab test results on their site.



Manitoba Harvest is a global leader in the hemp industry. The company is involved in the entire process from seed to shelf. They do 3rd party lab testing and they are open about their product traceability and sustainability as a company.



We did not see anything specific on their site that mentions discounts for certain groups. In some cases, the top CBD brands will offer discounts to veterans, people with special needs, first responders etc. We did not see anything mentioned from Manitoba Harvest. One thing we did see is that they offer promotional products and samples. For example, if you are a fitness trainer or medical professional you may qualify to receive samples for special events or for your clients.

FAQ’s About Manitoba Harvest CBD

  1. Does CBD from Manitoba Harvest contain THC?

    No. Manitoba Harvest uses a broad spectrum CBD that does not contain any THC.

  2. Where does Manitoba Harvest source its hemp from?

    Manitoba Harvest uses hemp that is grown in the United States.

  3. Does Manitoba Harvest conduct 3rd party lab testing on its products?

    Yes, Manitoba Harvest utilizes 3rd party lab testing to ensure accuracy, safety, and the highest quality from its CBD products.

Disclaimer: The following reviews are made by consumers. Manitoba Harvest has not reviewed and therefore doesn’t endorse, support, or approve the reviews or recommendations left by consumers. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Manitoba Harvest products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.