Green Roads CBD Coupons for May 2024

Green Roads CBD has become one of the most popular brands out there and for good reason. They have built up a reputation for having extremely high quality products along with excellent customer service. On top of that you can also find special discounts and coupons to save money on their products. Check out the latest Green Roads CBD coupon and our exclusive code at The CBD Guru.

Using this exclusive coupon code for Green Roads CBD can save you money on every order that you make. Another advantage of shopping at Green Roads is that they offer other ways you can save money as well. Below we highlight a few more ways you can save money on their products that we highly recommend taking advantage of.

Other Discounts at Green Roads CBD

Whenever we’re shopping for anything, including CBD products, we always look for ways to save money. At Green Roads CBD there are several different discounts and ways to save money in addition to using the coupon code listed above. If you’re interested in buying Green Roads products and want to make sure you’re getting the best deals, check out some of these other ways you can save money.

Free Shipping on Orders Over $50

One of the easiest ways to save a little money on your orders from Green Roads CBD is to simply spend over $50. Once your order amount goes above $50 you will automatically be given free shipping.

Even though saving a few dollars on shipping may not seem like a big deal, we believe every little bit helps. So if you’re a little below that mark, we suggest adding another product or two to your order to hit that $50 mark and get that extra savings.

Subscribe & Save

Like other popular CBD brands, Green Roads also offers a subscription option for select products. What this does is it allows you to subscribe to your favorite products and have them delivered on a regular schedule. In doing this, you will save 20% each time and 50% every 5th time the product is delivered.

In addition to the saving percentage, you will also receive free shipping on every one of those orders as well. With their subscription plans you can customize your delivery frequency as well as pause, skip, add an item or cancel at anytime. They offer a lot of freedom in how you utilize the program while saving you extra money on your favorite products.

Green Roads CBD Rewards Program

Green Roads offers an excellent rewards program that you can sign up for at anytime. You earn points with every dollar spent on their site and you can build up unlimited points. These points will help you earn rewards that you can redeem by applying them at checkout.

Green Roads Rewards Program: How it Works

$1 spent = 1 point earned
20 points earned = $1 to spend

You can also earn points other ways by completing different tasks or simply because it’s your birthday. Below are some of the other ways you will earn points with the Green Roads CBD Rewards Program:

  • Create an Account = 50 points
  • Follow on Facebook = 25 points
  • Share on Facebook = 25 points
  • Birthday Bonus = 200 points
  • Review a Product = 60 points
  • Follow on Instagram = 25 points

Signing up for the rewards program is one of the easiest and most cost effective way to earn special discounts on your orders. Be sure to sign up the very first time you buy their products so that you can start earning points right away.

Special Discounts: Military, First Responders and Teachers

If you are a current member of the military or a veteran, a first responder, or a teacher you can receive a special discount when you buy Green Roads CBD products. All you will need to do is sign up on the correct affiliation page and then validate that you meet the requirements for the discount. Once you do that you will be able to start enjoying the discount. Below are links to each special discount and the percentage that you receive off.

Even though validating the information can take a little extra time, if you are someone who enjoys the products from Green Roads CBD or wants to try different ones, it’s worth your time. The discounts for each of these can end up saving you a lot of money on your favorite products and you can use the discount once every day.

Looking For More Info About Green Roads CBD?

If you want to learn more about Green Roads CBD and about the products that they offer please check out our detailed review to find out more. They really do have a lot to offer their customers and after reading through our review we are confident you will want to give them a try.

All of their products are thoroughly tested by a third-party laboratory for safety and quality of ingredients. You can check out their labsheets if you want to get a closer look at the results. Green Roads does a very good job of being transparent with their customers and publically giving all the safety information on their products.

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