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Welcome to our complete FOCL Review. Do you ever feel like your best isn’t quite good enough or that you need to be able to take your life to the next-level? Enter FOCL(think ‘focal’ and not F-O-C-L for pronunciation). In our unbiased FOCL review we will give you an overview of the company, what its mission is, and some of the products that they offer.

What is the key to living better, healthier, and happier lives? If you ask the team at FOCL they would say the answer to that question is ‘focus’. Without complete focus on things like relationships, work, wellness, and rest you can’t be at your absolute best.

This is where FOCL comes in. Their mission is simply to help you achieve your next-level self. Through plant-powered wellness, they want to help you focus so you can achieve your best. So whether you are at working, playing, or resting FOCL wants your body and mind to feel 100% so you can achieve your best.

To help you accomplish your goals FOCL is dedicated to using only the best natural ingredients available. Ingredients that will help stimulate and support your body and mind so you can feel better and perform better. In this unbiased FOCL review, we will give you our honest opinion on the company as well as their products.

Quick Facts About FOCL

Established: 2019

Initial Products Launched: August 2019

Headquarters: Los Angeles, California

Farming Methods: Uses organic farming methods at their farm located in New Mexico USA

Products Available: FOCL Day capsules, FOCL Night capsules, Premium CBD oil, FOCL Relief Cream

Expected Price Range: For FOCL Day and Night capsules you are looking at around $55 per bottle. The CBD oil is available in two different strengths and will fall somewhere between $35 and $60 depending on what strength you go with. The CBD relief cream lists for around $69. They do offer a monthly subscription service that will save you about 10% and that you can cancel at any time. A monthly subscription is definitely a good option once you find a product that works for you. It saves you some money and ensures you don’t run out.

What Makes FOCL Stand Out?

  • Their products and mission are based around helping you feel and be your best. They seek to provide the highest quality CBD products 
  • Transparency. FOCL does not use any unnecessary additives or any untraceable ingredients in their products. They believe in carefully chosen ingredients to produce the high-quality products that achieve the best results.
  • Products from FOCL are vegan and non-GMO certified. They are also compliant with FDA manufacturing processes.
  • Ingredients used by FOCL are verified by TRU-ID. TRU-ID 3rd party lab testing helps to ensure the quality and authenticity of their products. 
  • FOCL products contain 0% THC
  • Products are made in the USA
  • The company was launched in 2019 so they have not been around very long. Their client base is growing but it is not as established as some of the other major players in the CBD arena. We think that will change over time.

Our Experience With FOCL Products

FOCL Day Capsules 

As part of our FOCL review we had the opportunity to try their Day capsules. FOCL touts their Day capsules as being the ‘ultimate focus booster’. It contains a specific mixture of ingredients that are specifically formulated and chosen to produce brain health and agility. The ingredients are scientifically intended to work together to help you think more clearly, to concentrate better, and to reduce fatigue that we often feel from daily stress. That fatigue is often stress fatigue that we don’t even realize we have.

FOCL recommends taking two Day capsules with a full glass of water. Here are the main ingredients of FOCL Day capsules:

  • CBD: 10mg – Support Endocannabinoid System and works with other ingredients to support overall health
  • Vitamin B6: 5mg – Natural mood booster
  • Lion’s Mane: 400mg – Promotes mental clarity
  • L-theanine: 150mg – Amino acid that supports mental agility
  • Rhodiola Rosea: 50mg – Helps you to stay alert and concentrate
  • Bacopa Monnieri: 150mg – Memory booster

We were excited to try the FOCL Day capsules. We started out by taking 2 capsules early in the morning with a full glass of water. They are easy to swallow, just like any other supplement capsule product you have ever taken. There is no taste so no need to worry about an aftertaste.

FOCL Night Capsules

In conjunction with the Day capsules we have also been using the FOCL Night Capsules. The combination of these two CBD supplements together has been incredible for us. 

We have been taking two of the night capsules between 30 and 60 minutes before we plan to go to bed. After the 30 minute mark we start to feel a sense of calm and relaxation that has helped us lay down and get to sleep quickly. 

Not only do we feel it helped us get to sleep but we have had very restful sleep since we started taking the FOCL Night capsules. To be honest, we were concerned that we would wake up feeling the effects of the night capsules but it has not been an issue for us. We started taking these on a night when we didn’t have to wake up for work the next morning just in case. If you have doubts we would recommend doing the same just to be safe.

The combination of the day and night capsules has proven very effective for us. At night we take the night capsules and week up feeling rested. Then in the morning before we fully start the day we have been taking two of the FOCL Day capsules. These have had us feeling alert and fully awake, ready to start the day. We would highly recommend this combination.

FOCL Relief Cream

FOCL Relief Cream

This cream from FOCL is meant to help with pain relief from sore and stiff muscles. Here are some of the main ingredients in the cream:

  • Menthol: Adds a refreshing and cooling mint sensation that helps with muscle relaxation and topical pain relief
  • Camphor Bark Oil: Extracted from Camphor trees. Cools and soothes to help with pain, soreness, stiffness, and swelling.
  • Eucalyptus Leaf Oil: Relaxes and eases soreness to help with pain relief.
  • Aloe Vera: Soothes, refreshes, and moisturizes the skin.
  • Arnica: An herb grown in the mountains of Europe and Siberia that is used to treat pain and swelling.
  • Shea Butter: Leaves skin feeling nourished and has anti-inflammatory and healing properties.
  • Wintergreen Oil: Cools then warms the skin to help relieve aches and pains.
  • CBD: Calms the body and combines with active ingredients for a powerful effect.

As you can see from the list there are a lot of ingredients that are mainly focused on pain relief and reducing inflammation. The entire bottle contains 500mg of premium hemp CBD. The relief cream is vegan, non-GMO and is also THC free. It is GMP certified (FDA approved) and is made in the USA. 

Another important detail is that it is 3rd party lab tested. The third party lab testing is critical and is something we continually stress as something you should be looking for when searching for the best CBD products.

FOCL Premium CBD Drops

As part of our sampling of FOCL we were provided all three flavors of their premium CBD oil. We liked them all but our favorite was the Orange Cream Swirl. If you like orange cream popsicles then you will like this CBD oil because it tastes just like the popsicle. And if you don’t like the natural hemp flavor you will appreciate FOCL CBD oil. The hemp flavor is almost non-existent.

One of our relatives has been dealing with arthritic joint pain in his hands of late. He has been using a dropper of FOCL 1000mg CBD oil in the morning and also one in the evening. He has also been using the FOCL Pain Relief Cream in conjunction with the CBD oil.

The results have been very positive. His pain is not completely gone but it is much improved from what it was. CBD is not meant to cure things like pain or arthritis. But it has shown to provide relief for many people and this case was no exception. 

What we really like is that you also get an option of 3 different flavors. You have your choice of Fresh Mint, Cherry On Top, and Orange Cream Swirl. FOCL CBD oil is made from broad spectrum hemp and does not contain any THC. It is also available in 300mg and 1000mg formulas.

FOCL CBD Oil All Flavors

Here are some of the other highlights that we found interesting:

  • Made from USA organically grown hemp
  • Supercritical CO2 extraction
  • No pesticides or herbicides used
  • Vegan
  • Certified non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free
  • Natural Flavoring

Pros and Cons of FOCL


  • They have a 60-day satisfaction guarantee on all orders
  • FOCL products are THC-free
  • Third-party lab tested


  • No natural flavored CBD oil
  • There is a flat shipping rate of $6.60 for each order

FOCL Review – Final Thoughts from The CBD Guru

FOCL is a new player in the CBD market but we believe they will become a more and more popular choice in the coming months. As of now their product offerings are fairly limited but the products that they do have are done very well.

FOCL believes that they can help their customers be their best whether that be at work, play, or at home. They believe that their products can bring the focus needed for people to make their lives better. That is something that sets FOCL apart from some other CBD brands. FOCL has a specific vision for how their products help their customers.

That message of focus and being your best self is portrayed throughout their website. Let’s face it. Life can be difficult and we all feel like we sometimes need a little bit of help to be at our best or to get more accomplished. FOCL has supplied that help in the form of natural, plant-based wellness to give you more focus.

One question will be whether or not people will buy into the FOCL mission. We believe that there are a lot of people out there looking for an edge in life. They are looking for something that will help them be a little better at work, a better parent, a better friend, a better athlete, and just a better person. FOCL’s message of being your next-level self will hit home with a lot of people and we believe this company is here to stay.

Overall Rating for FOCL



Based on our experience thus far with FOCL and their products the only thing we could possibly be negative about is that they don’t yet have a ton of CBD choices. Their product line is fairly small at this point but the products that they do offer are top-notch. We are hoping that as they continue to get more established and grow that they might consider expanding their product offerings. They also back their products with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, which is quite impressive.



Overall the prices from FOCL are better than average. They don’t offer as much variety in their product offering so they naturally don’t have as many cheaper options at the moment.

If you compare the cost per mg of CBD on their 300mg and 1000mg strength CBD oil you will notice quite a large savings by opting for the 1000mg formula.



Even though FOCL has not been around as long as some other CBD brands we have full confidence in the safety of their products. They have taken the proper precautionary steps and gained proper certifications so we have no issue feeling completely safe with their products.

Their products are made in GMP-compliant manufacturing facilities, are TRU-ID certified, and all ingredients are third-party tested to ensure the highest quality and safety of their products.



On the FOCL site you can find their company mission and how they got started. You are able to find information about their third party lab testing and those test results are available right on their product pages for consumers to view. 

There is also a page where you can see each team member of FOCL and what their position is within the company. One of their company goals is to be transparent throughout the process and as far as we can tell they are achieving that goal.



We were very pleased that during the COVID-19 pandemic FOCL was trying to do their part to help. On their site they were offering a direct way to donate to the Frontline Responders Relief fund. FOCL also donated $10,000 dollars to that fund!

FOCL was also offering to send CBD care packages to essential workers. You have the opportunity to go to the FOCL site and actually nominate an essential worker to receive a care package. They are giving up to 500 care packages out for essential workers during this pandemic.

We weren’t able to find any other permanent discounts for groups such as educators, first-responders, military personnel etc. As FOCL becomes more established we hope to see more of these types of offers in the future.

FAQ’s About FOCL

  1. Does FOCL grow its own hemp?

    Yes. In 2019 FOCL planted its own organic hemp farm in New Mexico, USA. It contains 120 acres of non-GMO hemp.

  2. Does FOCL offer free shipping?

    Free shipping is an option from FOCL but you have to spend at least $50 per order. They do offer free shipping on any subscriptions that you purchase.

  3. Does FOCL do third-party lab testing?

    Yes. In fact, they are certified through TRU-ID. This is an independent program that uses cutting-edge DNA testing to set the highest standard for measuring ingredient integrity. It is a certification that is not commonly found in the CBD industry.

  4. What other certifications does FOCL hold?

    FOCL products are non-GMO, 100% Vegan, and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant. All of this ensures that you are getting the safest products and the highest quality control.

Disclaimer: The following reviews are made by consumers. FOCL has not reviewed and therefore doesn’t endorse, support, or approve the reviews or recommendations left by consumers. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. FOCL products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.