For over 5 years, Elixinol has been making a name for itself in the CBD industry. Offering a wide selection of different CBD-rich hemp-derived products, there’s something here for just about anyone that could need cannabidiol. Available in an array of both strengths and flavors, we wanted to give them a fair chance when writing this review.

Let’s dive into how Elixinol stood out for us, share our experience with their products we got to try, and provide any other info you might want to know before you order through them, like details about their lab testing and how to get in touch with them if you need to reach out. 

Elixinol Review Quick Facts

Established: 2014 (BBB accredited in 2017)

Products Available: CBD Capsules, Tinctures, Hemp CBD Oil Liposomes, Water Soluble CBD Powder, Hemp Skincare, Topical Balms, CBD Oil Oral Applicators, CBD Dog Treats, and Hemp Seeds & Protein Powder

Expected Price Range: $7.99 (CBD Lip Balm) to $249.99 (3600mg CBD Hemp Oil Drops) or more for wholesale bulk orders

Overview: With quite a range of products available, Elixinol are some of the top experts when it comes to a hemp-derived product. They offer an abundance of different CBD oils, tinctures, and other types of extract. Full-spectrum for most of their products, we’re eager to share our experience for this review.

What Makes Elixinol Different?

  • 7 pillars of success: a clear vision, commitment to excellence, superior product sourcing, expert product development, strong channel partners, world-class customer experience, and giving back as a For-Benefit business
  • They stand apart with strict morals, certificates of analysis available for view on their web platform, and a variety of products that can meet a range of different needs
  • Finally, they make a difference by transparently demonstrating which charities and organizations they donate to, so you can see where your dollar goes and how it truly counts

Our Experience with Elixinol Products – Elixinol Review

With such a vast range of CBD products available, we had trouble deciding which we’d use for the purpose of this review. Picking a fair range, we feel we got ample enough experience that we can share our thoughts with others who might be interested in trying their products. Let’s look at the Elixinol branded products that we got to try.

CBD Capsules

With 375mg hemp extract and 15mg cannabidiol per serving, we were excited to try out the 900mg CBD hemp oil capsules from Elixinol. They offer lower strengths, too, so if you have a higher sensitivity to cannabinoids or you’re new to CBD, you can choose that instead. One serving is one capsule, meant to be taken up to twice daily with food (we recommend about 30 minutes after you’ve eaten). 

Hemp CBD Oil Liposomes

Liposomes make it even easier on your body to absorb as much of the CBD in the extract as possible. As a result, there are 200 servings in the 1000mg bottle, with each quarter-dropper being 5mg of highly bioavailable CBD. It conveniently comes in a spill-proof bottle that has a pump dispenser for use. This one was citrus-flavored, though it looks like they’re all sweetened with a Stevia extract. 

Water Soluble CBD Powder

There’s an extra refining step involved when producing a CBD product that’s water-soluble. Since cannabidiol molecules are naturally soluble only through fat, it takes nano-emulsion technology to make those molecules a fraction of their size. The smaller the molecule, the more easily it can go through and be absorbed into water. This has an added bonus of having a higher bioavailability because the molecules get absorbed into the bloodstream so much faster. 

Superior Product Sourcing

One of the key points in Elixinol’s pillars of success that caught our eyes was their claim to superior product sourcing. When we looked deeper in our Elixinol review, we discovered the brand is a seed-to-sale hemp extract company – a rarity to see even this far into the hemp industry’s progress. They grow their own premium, industrial hemp through dedicated farmers in Colorado.

Being able to monitor progress and see results from seed-to-sale puts the company more in control of their own products, and they make sure that their products can meet their top-tier quality standards through this way. 

Beyond where their hemp and other ingredients come from, they perform expert product development that was another integral part of their pillars of success. They test and research all their products using the most well-known and effective natural ingredient blends. Even if development takes the longest out of their process, they never rush a product to market – they focus instead on ensuring all their products have the consistency and premium product quality they’re looking for.


  • Elixinol Business Philosophy helps maintain the quality of their products
  • A For-Benefit business, it’s nice to be able to help give back by just buying CBD
  • In fact, they donate 5% of every purchase to a non-profit of your choice
  • Certificates of analysis available on their web platform at any time
  • They offer both CBD and hemp products, which have their own individual benefits


  • Hemp products could be confused for CBD products for consumers that don’t read the labels well enough

The CBD Guru’s Final Thoughts on Elixinol

There’s a lot to love about Elixinol, and a lot of their products we didn’t even get to try yet. We’re excited for next time so we can try out some of the products that we missed this time around, plus any new products they might have released by then! Until then, we hope this review helped you better decide if Elixinol sounds like the CBD brand for you or not. 

Have you ever tried Elixinol’s products before? We look forward to learning your answers in the comments!

Overall Rating for Elixinol Review



Elixinol’s business strategy and core philosophies speak for themselves. They say “We believe in superior product sourcing, product traceability, pharmaceutical-grade testing, and Global Manufacturing Processing standards to ensure your customers receive consistent and safe hemp-derived CBD products.” If you go to their page on core values you can continue reading about this. We are partial to hemp that comes from the US so we did deduct as they also have hemp that comes from Europe.



CBD products from Elixinol appear to be in line with the other major players in the industry, especially considering the quality they produce. You can find items such as CBD lip balm if you are on a tight budget but they also offer more expensive products that will appease the more seasoned CBD users. I didn’t see it advertised on their site anywhere but when I went to check out I did notice that they offer free shipping as well.



Everything that we see from Elixinol leads us to believe that there are absolutely no concerns with the safety of their products. They have a very rigorous process of manufacturing and testing their products. You can read more in-depth about their process on their site but as far as we can tell, and from our own experience, these are top notch products.



Online you can view the certificate of analysis for the various CBD products and you can also input your batch number. This allows you to view the actual COA for the specific product that you received instead of just a general COA. In our books, this is crucial for transparency. I might be nitpicking but one thing that stood out to me is that they mentioned that they source hemp from ‘Europe’ as well as Colorado. I didn’t see where they specifically mentioned specific countries in Europe.



Many of the CBD companies today, especially the larger ones, seem to offer some sort of discount for certain groups of teachers. This may include people like military personnel, educators, first responders, etc. At the time of this writing, we did not see anything on their site that mentioned special promotions or coupons for any of these folks. We tried to contact them through their live chat feature to ask but we did not get a response within the automated one-minute timer. I will say that they sent me an email later in the afternoon and confirmed that they did not offer any such discounts. I was pleased they at least responded to my inquiry. 

FAQ’s About Elixinol CBD

  1. Does Elixinol offer free shipping?

    Yes, Elixinol is offering free shipping on all orders in the United States.

  2. What extraction method does Elixinol use?

    Elixinol uses a supercritical CO2 extraction method.

  3. Do Elixinol products contain THC?

    Elixinol products are made from full-spectrum hemp extract. This means they do contain trace amounts of THC but they are under the federally legal limit of 0.3%.

Disclaimer: The following reviews are made by consumers. Elixinol has not reviewed and therefore doesn’t endorse, support, or approve the reviews or recommendations left by consumers. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Elixinol products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.