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Welcome to our Diamond CBD review. Founded in 2015, Diamond CBD is one of the most well-known CBD brands to date for the cannabidiol market. Lab-tested and user-approved, Diamond CBD’s tremendous plethora of products are used by people across the entire nation, from California to the East Coast. Every CBD product, extract, and oil that ever gets sold by Diamond CBD is 100% natural, lab-tested, and pure to never compromise on quality.

With all the CBD products Diamond CBD had to offer and the confidence they boasted about their production process, we were eager to try them out. Let’s dive into our full Diamond CBD review to see what was unique about the brand, what our experience was with some of their most popular products, and the pros and cons we found when dealing with this company.

What’s Unique About Diamond CBD?

  • Diamond CBD coupon codes available for a greater discount
  • Massive variety of different CBD products available for all walks of life
  • They source their products from industrial hemp farms that gently harvest and dry in the most optimal conditions across Kentucky, Colorado and even Scandinavia
  • Third-party, independent labs test and verify products to be free of synthetics, THC, and more
  • The Diamond CBD team is made up of scientists and doctors that are dedicated to producing only the purest, finest CBD products the market has seen

Our Experience with Diamond CBD Products – Diamond CBD Review

Diamond CBD has a plethora of CBD products to choose from, and we knew we wouldn’t be able to test them all out for the purpose of our Diamond CBD review. For that reason, we decided to test the most popular best sellers that the brand has to offer; we felt going down the list this way gave us the best opportunity to get a fair and accurate experience. Let’s dig into the cannabidiol products that we did get to try.

CBD Cream

From CBD Oil Biotech, this 250mg CBD bottle is ideal for athletes, though anyone can use it for muscle soreness. We found it helped lessen the post-workout recovery time we’re used to, and the menthol helped cool target areas across the body with consistent application. We couldn’t be positive if it was a placebo, but the CBD cream made us feel invigorated and refreshed, so we’ll be coming back for more in the future!

Daily Boost CBD Oil

Naturally hemp-flavored to eliminate even flavor additives, the Daily Boost CBD Oil 300mg formula syringe packs 10mg CBD in every serving. The syringe is loaded with one serving, ideal for daily use when you need a convenient, travel-sized option. THC-free and the most affordable option on the platform, this was our favorite way to feel relief from cannabidiol.

Vape Tank

Not only does Diamond CBD offer CBD vape oil and disposable pens, but they also have vape tanks available that can be screwed into vaporizer mods. The Liquid Gold brand we got to try was “Jungle Juice” flavored; we’re not sure what that’s 100% supposed to entail, but we got fresh tastes of pineapple, something more citrus-like, apple, and even avocado at one point. Overall, it was a delightful experience and we’re excited to try other flavors next time.

Unflavored CBD Oil

Also known as a CBD tincture, the unflavored oil from Diamond CBD came in a 250mg CBD container. What’s useful about this oil is that it’s food-safe, but it’s also safe to use in vaporizers. Infused with organic hemp oil that’s rich with CBD, we felt effects strongest and fastest by placing at least half a dropper under our tongue for about 90 seconds. Even going so far as to swish it around in the mouth occasionally, this is the fastest way to get the most cannabidiol possible absorbed into the bloodstream instead of having to wait to go through the digestive tract.

Diamond CBD Shot

On the opposite end of the spectrum as a 5-hour Energy shot, the Diamond CBD Relaxation Shot contains 20mg CBD. It’s designed to stimulate 4 to 6 hours of relaxation, working as an alternative to CBD edibles, tinctures, and capsules. For our Diamond CBD review, we drank the shot after sticking it in the fridge for a few hours, shaking it well before breaking the seal and downing it in one big gulp. Grape-flavored, it tastes like a reliable alternative to tinctures that you may not want to keep under your tongue for nearly 2 minutes.

CBD Cake Pop

Something we don’t get the opportunity to see often is CBD edibles outside of the standard gummies and chocolates. While unique edibles are out there, we rarely get to see pink CBD cake pops that look as delicious as the ones from Diamond CBD. And they didn’t just look delicious – they had a soft vanilla inside and a chocolate chip cookie exterior that would be hard to pass up. Best of all, each cake pop contained 30mg CBD, which was a reasonable serving to enjoy for at least a few hours.


  • All major payment methods accepted, and they even let you pay through Diners Club
  • Free 2-day shipping on all orders over $100!
  • Diamond CBD and other partnered brands available at a major discount
  • Tremendous selection of different CBD and hemp products available to meet the needs of every consumer


  • 15-day return policy is only for unopened, unused products
  • Free shipping doesn’t kick in until order is over $100

Overall Rating – Diamond CBD Review



Diamond CBD strives for quality in their products. They source their industrial hemp from farms in Kentucky, Colorado as well as Scandinavia. They do advertise that all of their CBD products are proudly made in the USA.



Diamond CBD offers a wide range of products to choose from that will fit the novice through the veteran CBD user. Their prices are very competitive and their variety of products allows you to spend as much or as little as you would like.



Their products are 3rd party lab tested and do not contain THC. In our eyes, there is no reason to doubt that any of their products are safe.



Not only are their products tested by a 3rd party lab but you can also find the batch testing reports on their website, which is always a plus.



At the time of this review we did not see anything mentioned on their site about giving to charities or specific discounts offered to groups such as veterans or teachers etc.

Overall Star Rating for Diamond CBD Review

4.2 out of 5 stars

Disclaimer: The following reviews are made by consumers. Diamond CBD has not reviewed and therefore doesn’t endorse, support, or approve the reviews or recommendations left by consumers. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Diamond CBD products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.