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One of the only CBD companies to sell genuine tinctures that have been extracted with alcohol, Charlotte’s Web is an industry-leading brand that has helped to set the tone for the rest of the cannabidiol market. Releasing some of the first CBD products the nation ever saw, the company has been behind the movement for industrial hemp since close to the beginning. Continue reading for our unbiased Charlotte’s Web review.

To add to their flagship formula, they now have three CO2-extracted oil formulas that offer versatility in CBD strength – but we’ll touch on all that later. Until then, we wanted to gather all the details we could that you might want to know before you decide to shop with Charlotte’s Web and stuff it into one convenient review. 

Without any further delay, let’s dive into our full Charlotte’s Web review to share our experience with their products, the pros and cons of shopping through them, and much more!

Charlotte’s Web Overview

Established: 2014

Products Available: CBD oil, capsules, gummies, topicals, isolate, and CBD for dogs

Expected Price Range: $14.99 (Hemp-infused Balm with CBD, 0.5oz container) to $755.96 (17mg CBD/1ml bulk package)

Summary: A popular brand full of family that cares, it’s not surprising for Charlotte’s Web’s CBD products to be getting attention. We were excited to try out their products, so don’t miss out on this full review of Charlotte’s Web.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Review – Third-Party Lab Testing

A Charlotte’s Web review should include information on their third-party testing. There is a batch number located on the back of every product. When you hover over the Support tab on Charlotte’s Web website, you’ll see Batch Reports as a clickable option. Once you head over to that page, you’ll see the option to enter in the batch number you see on your product – then, just hit Find Report and the rest happens for you. 

You’ll be shown the lab results for that product batch, detailing that it’s THC-free and rich with CBD along with other cannabinoids and terpenes, as well as free of pesticides, pollutants, and other residuals. We like the method Charlotte’s Web uses to keep their lab reports page clean while still making the information accessible to those that need it most. 

Our Experience with Different Charlotte’s Web CBD Products

There are 3 or 4 strengths available for most of Charlotte’s Web hemp products, ideal for different sensitivities to CBD and other cannabinoids. While they don’t offer the highest strengths in the industry, they do offer serving sizes that are reasonable for the average CBD user.

25mg CBD Oil Capsules

For example, they offer capsules in different strengths all the way up to 25mg per capsule. You can also choose whether you want a 30-count, 60-count, or 90-count bottle, helping you make the CBD stretch further than a month – maybe even two! The hemp extract liquid capsules go down easier than a tincture but take a bit longer to take effect than if you were to put a hemp oil under your tongue.

50mg CBD/ml original CBD oil formula

Speaking of sublingual dosing – or applying oil under the tongue and waiting a period of time before swallowing – that’s exactly what’s most recommended for Charlotte’s Web CBD oil. Every dropper full contains about 50mg CBD, with approximately 43mg hemp extract in every 0.5ml, or half a dropper full.

CBD Gummies

Besides their standard capsules and oils, we were dying to try Charlotte’s Web CBD gummies – and they conveniently offer a multi-pack for us to try all three different formulas: Recovery, Calm, and Sleep. Self-explanatory, it’s easy to guess the intent behind each formula. 

All delicious, squishy bites of juicy flavor, the Recovery gummies help support post-workout recovery. The Calm bites help with stress and the everyday struggles of anxiety. Finally, the Sleep gummies are the most obvious – they’re formulated to help push for a better, deeper, and longer night’s rest. 

Charlotte’s Web Fun Facts

  • Their products contain CBD, CBC, CBG, and 80+ phytocannabinoids to provide the ultimate entourage effect
  • Charlotte’s Web was originally a high-CBD, low or nondetectable THC cannabis strain
  • That same strain is what their CBD oil derives from – hand-tended, non-GMO plants that are rich in beneficial compounds
  • They even take the time and effort to hand-plant every precious hemp strain that goes into their variety of products

Pros and Cons – Charlotte’s Web Review


  • Satisfaction guarantee – return even a used product within 30 days and they’ll issue a full refund
  • Close-knit CBD brand started as a mission rather than as a company
  • Medium range of products doesn’t make it overwhelming trying to decide
  • Can create an account and sign in to get exclusive discounts and seasonal promotions
  • Full list of batch lab reports available for view on their web platform


  • Free shipping within the US doesn’t kick in until orders are over $74.99
  • Low strengths are not ideal for those with a higher tolerance to CBD

The CBD Guru’s Final Thoughts on Charlotte’s Web Review

We were impressed by the professionalism and pure quality that Charlotte’s Web provides. From their detailed lab reports to their hand-tended process, we were hard-pressed to find anything we didn’t like about the company! Though we got to try quite a range of their products this time around, we’re still excited for next time to get the opportunity to try even newer formulas.

Our Charlotte’s Web review was meant to provide you with every piece of info you might need before you decide to take the plunge, add to cart, and hit checkout. We hope our guide was helpful in letting you make a decision – and remember, don’t forget to share your experience, too!

Have you gotten the chance to try Charlotte’s Web? Let us know in the comments what product was your favorite and what your experience was like!

Overall Rating for Charlotte’s Web



You will find that Charlotte’s Web is at the top of the industry when it comes to quality CBD products. They take pride in their products and high-quality ingredients and products are a central reason the company has grown to where it is today.



There are cheaper options out there in the CBD market. Those products will likely not have the same impact on your health but if you are looking for the cheapest CBD options then Charlotte’s Web may not be the place to start. However, you should check the site frequently because they do run various promotions from time to time.



Safety for their customers is one of the main goals at Charlotte’s Web. They have put in an incredible amount of time and effort to make sure their company is an industry leader in safety.



Charlotte’s Web has a great website that will help you choose the right CBD product for you and lays out exactly what to expect throughout the buying process. You can also view the Certificate of Analysis on their website by putting in the lot number of your specific product. This is a feature that we really appreciate.



We did notice that Charlotte’s Web offers a discount program for active military members and veterans. You apply for the program online and once the proof of eligibility documents have been reviewed you will normally have an answer on acceptance within 3 days. If you are approved for a discount it will apply to every order you place.

Overall Star Rating for Charlotte’s Web

4.7 out of 5 stars

  1. Does Charlotte's Web offer free shipping?

    They offer free shipping to the US on orders of $74 or more.

  2. Are Charlotte's Web products certified organic?

    They are not certified organic. Everything used on their plants is 100% organic and they express intent to become certified organic in the future.

  3. Where is the hemp grown?

    All Charlotte's Web CBD products are made from hemp that is grown in the USA.

  4. Do Charlotte's Web CBD products contain THC?

    Many of their CBD products are made from full-spectrum hemp extract which does contain trace amounts of THC. It is under the federal limit of 0.3% THC.

Disclaimer: The following reviews are made by consumers. Charlotte’s Web has not reviewed and therefore doesn’t endorse, support, or approve the reviews or recommendations left by consumers. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Charlotte’s Web products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.