CBDMEDIC is a company that is focused on CBD topicals. They place a heavy focus on various types of pain relief as well as skincare products. During our CBDMEDIC review, we confirmed they have some of the most effective and well-known CBD topical products on the market. The reason is simple: because they work as advertised. As you read our CBDMEDIC review it will become apparent that they are not just another CBD company with some topical pain relief products.

In June of 2020 CBDMEDIC was acquired by Charlotte’s Web. It is a move that, in the end, should benefit both sides and provide greater access to world-class CBD products to consumers around the world. Charlotte’s Web is one of the leaders in the CBD space so being an acquisition target shows how much they believe in CBDMEDIC.

Quick Facts – CBDMEDIC Review

Parent Company: CBDMEDIC was acquired by Charlotte’s Web in June, 2020. Charlotte’s Web actually acquired Abacus Health, which is the company that CBDMEDIC was under. This was an all-stock transition as opposed to a cash transaction.

Farming Methods: CBDMEDIC sources its hemp from Colorado and Oregon

Products Available: A wide range of CBD topical pain relief and skincare medications.

Expected Price Range: The majority of products have a list price in the $29.99 to $39.99 range.

Phone Contact: 844-422-3633

Email Contact: [email protected]

Website URL: https://cbd-medic.com/ or buy through Charlotte’s Web at https://www.charlottesweb.com/cbd-medic

What Makes CBDMEDIC Stand Out?

  • Free shipping on all orders within the United States
  • 100% secured payment methods
  • 30-day return policy
  • Specialize in CBD topical pain relief and CBD skincare products. They don’t offer things like CBD edibles or even CBD oils at this point in time.
  • CBDMEDIC products do not contain any dyes, synthetic fragrances, steroids, parabens, petrolatum, or phthalates. They use only natural ingredients.
  • Products are 3rd party lab-tested to ensure the quality and safety of products.
  • They offer a rewards program based on a points system for recurring purchases.
  • CBD is an inactive ingredient in its products – CBDMEDIC is able to make actual medical claims about its products and has the authority to do so from the FDA.

Overview of CBDMEDIC Products

CBD Topical Pain Relief Products

CBDMEDIC Sport Pain Relief Ointment

CBDMEDIC specializes in advanced relief CBD topical pain relief products. It is the main asset that their brand is built on and it’s something they do as well or better than anyone else in the industry. You can’t do a CBDMEDIC review without talking about pain relief. CBDMEDIC offers specific formulas of CBD pain relief depending on the type and location of the pain you are having. For example, if you are experiencing pain in your feet many brands would offer a general CBD topical for pain relief. CBDMEDIC takes it a step further as they have a specific CBD topical formula specifically for feet and ankles.

Here are a few of the symptom specific CBD topical formulas that CBDMEDIC offers. There are others, but these are the ones we will focus on for our CBDMEDIC review.

Arthritis Aches and Pains Relief Ointment – This CBD topical is specifically formulated to try to help relieve pain from arthritis. Arthritis is a debilitating disease for millions of people. Being able to decrease pain and increase flexibility allows you to live your life with some level of normalcy.

CBDMEDIC has formulated this ointment to contain 200mg of CBD in every 40g tube. It contains 100% natural ingredients and is dermatologist tested for safety. The arthritis ointment is formulated to rub and penetrate deeply into your skin for the most effective absorption. The goal is to provide relief from the painful joint pain and stiffness that is caused by arthritis.

To use it you simply apply it directly onto your skin in the area of your pain. It can virtually be used on any external area of your body where you are experiencing stiffness or pain from arthritis. As part of our in-depth CBDMEDIC review we plan to report back on the long-term effectiveness of the arthritis ointment.

Back and Neck Pain Relief Ointment – The majority of us have experienced back or neck pain at one point or another. Unfortunately, it is something that many people live through on a day to day basis. It’s bad enough to have back pain for a few days but can you imagine having to deal with it every day of your life? It is no fun and it affects every aspect of life!

CBDMEDIC has come up with targeted CBD ointment meant to help with back and neck pain. It is meant to help with reducing pain and increase range of motion for those pesky neck and back pains. CBDMEDIC says it is meant to help provide relief for back, shoulder and neck strains,, tight muscle knots, and minor upper and lower back discomfort inducing general muscle soreness.

In each tube of back and pain relief ointment you will find 200mg of CBD along with other 100% natural ingredients. These are all dermatologist tested and are formulated to try to help relieve neck and back pain.

Active Sport Pain Relief Stick – If you are experiencing general soreness from an increased level of activity then the Active Sport Relief Stick is for you. Each stick contains 30mg of CBD along with other 100% natural ingredients. It aims to help relieve pain from things like minor muscle and joint pain, strains, and bruises.

This pain can be applied either before or after a workout session to help reduce pain and inflammation from sore muscles and joints. The stick is very easy and convenient to use and to carry around with you. It only takes seconds to put it on and won’t leave your skin feeling gross and doesn’t leave a mess. This is definitely one that we would recommend giving a try for those day to day pains that undoubtedly come up. Safe, easy, and effective.

CBDMEDIC Review – CBD Skin Care Products


Eczema Therapy Medicated Ointment – CBD skincare products require a very delicate blend. On the one hand, you do not want to use something that is going to make your skin problem worse or cause other skin problems. On the other hand, you want the product to be potent enough to actually help with your ailment. 

CBDMEDIC has put in countless hours of research into perfecting their CBD skincare products. They have made them both safe for your skin, but also effective. The Eczema Therapy Ointment contains 200mg of CBD in each tube. This product is dermatologist tested to be hypoallergenic. It is consistently rated as being one of the top CBD ointments to help treat eczema.

It uses 99% naturally derived ingredients to treat itchy, dry, and flaky skin that is traditionally associated with eczema. All you have to do is apply it directly to your skin in the problem areas and it goes to work to help relieve irritation.

Itch and Rash Ointment – Dry, itchy, or flaky skin getting you down? With colloidal oatmeal as the active ingredient this medicated ointment will soothe and protect your skin. It also includes 200mg of CBD in each tube to help with inflammation from skin irritation. 

The formula is derived from 99% of natural ingredients and does not contain any THC. You will also find things like jojoba seed oil and beeswax in this ointment that will aid in hydrating and replenishing the natural look and feel of your skin.

CBDMEDIC Acne Cream – Most of us have dealt with acne at some point and this is one of the best CBD products for acne that we have found. This specially formulated cream can help to clear your blemishes, pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads and then help your skin to heal naturally.

It is formulated using 98% natural ingredients so it can work quickly, effectively, and safely. Each tube contains 200mg of CBD that is free of any detectable amounts of THC. It contains 1% of Salicylic Acid that has been proven to help with acne problems and is coupled with other natural moisturizers as well.

Pros and Cons – CBDMEDIC Review


  • Free Shipping to the US
  • 3rd Party Lab tested products
  • Wide range of topical pain relief and skincare products containing CBD


  • CBD is actually considered an inactive ingredient in CBDMEDIC products
  • Not a lot of information available about their hemp farming practice, manufacturing process, or company history on their website

Final Thoughts From The CBD Guru

We were excited to conduct a CBDMEDIC review. If you are considering using CBD for pain or for specific skin ailments then CBDMEDIC is definitely worth looking into. They have specific formulas for all types of pain needs as well as specific skincare issues such as eczema and acne. If you are experiencing pain then they have something that would be worth trying.

There is a key difference in CBDMEDIC products when compared to most CBD pain products. CBDMEDIC abides by the FDA governing monograph for Over-the-Counter topical medications. For that reason, they are actually allowed to make medical claims about muscle and joint pain relief. They are also allowed to make medical claims about skin conditions such as acne and eczema. Their products are grounded in pharmaceutical research and are held to a very high standard. The interesting thing is that they are permitted to make these claims based on other ingredients, not based on CBD in their products. CBD is actually considered to be an inactive ingredient in CBDMEDIC products.

CBDMEDIC has become one of the leaders in the CBD pain management market. Their topical CBD products use the highest quality natural ingredients to achieve the best possible results. There are a lot of people out there who will attest that CBDMEDIC products have helped them to reduce their pain.

They are transparent about what types of ingredients they are using for their products so that you can have confidence about what you are putting on your body. The fact that Charlotte’s Web recently acquired CBDMEDIC is a testament to the solid foundation this brand has built and the future that they have in the CBD market. We have learned a lot through our CBDMEDIC review and we hope you have as well. If you have pain or skin conditions this is definitely a trustworthy brand that is worth looking into further.

Overall Ratings for CBDMEDIC Review



Based on our experience with CBDMEDIC products and the research we have done we believe in the quality of the products that they put out. CBDMEDIC also follows FDA governance when it comes to OTC topical medications. This clearly sets them apart in the CBD industry as they are authorized to make actual medical claims about muscle and joint pain relief where most CBD brands are not. As part of our CBDMEDIC review, this is an area that they definitely set themselves apart.



Overall, the price of the CBD topical pain relief and skin care products are not too expensive to buy. Most of their products are $39.99 or less, which is great. When you break it down by the cost per mg of CBD it isn’t quite as appealing. On average you would be looking at $0.10 to $0.15 per mg of CBD. What you have to remember is that CBDMEDIC products are not solely based around CBD, which is why they are able and permitted to make FDA claims.

Now, it’s worth noting that CBD is nowhere near the only ingredient that CBDMEDIC relies on for results. They have formulas that utilize a host of other natural ingredients to bring about the best possible results. They also follow the FDA governance when it comes to OTC topical medications so there is more to it than most CBD companies.



CBDMEDIC topical products are as safe as anything you will find on the market today. They are clear about what other ingredients are used in their products so you can double check to make sure you have not had negative reactions to any of them previously. CBDMEDIC also conducts third-party lab testing on their products to ensure the utmost in quality and safety. You can also access their batch test reports via their website.



We give high marks to CBDMEDIC for transparency. They are very clear about the ingredients that are used in each of their products. They provide third-party lab test certificates for each batch on their website. You do have to dig a little bit but they are there.

One thing that we did not see from CBDMEDIC was biographies and pictures of the company leaders. This isn’t something that is absolutely necessary in our eyes but we do appreciate it when companies show their leaders and write a few short paragraphs about them. There also didn’t seem to be much information about the company itself. How it was started etc.



We did not find anything on the CBDMEDIC website about discounts for specific groups of people, such as military veterans. They have a page dedicated to social responsibility when it comes to arthritis. There is a button that directs you to the arthritis.org page to donate.

Since CBDMEDIC is now part of Charlotte’s Web there is a military discount available through Charlotte’s Web site. When you purchase products from Charlotte’s Web active military and veterans are eligible for a discount on every order. You will need to submit proof of eligibility documents to Charlotte’s Web and allow up to 3 business days for the approval to be completed.


  1. Are CBDMEDIC products different from other CBD products?

    Yes. CBDMEDIC abides by the FDA governing monograph for OTC topical medications. Because of this, they are authorized to make actual medical claims about muscle and joint pain relief along with some minor skincare conditions. CBD is actually an inactive ingredient in many of their products.

  2. Are CBDMEDIC products tested by a 3rd party lab?


  3. Where is CBDMEDIC hemp grown?

    They source their hemp from the United States. Either from Colorado or Oregon.

Disclaimer: The following reviews are made by consumers. CBDMEDIC has not reviewed and therefore doesn’t endorse, support, or approve the reviews or recommendations left by consumers. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. CBDMEDIC products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.