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Sometimes a company is formed because the other players in the market are not performing at a high level. If companies in a certain market are not meeting the needs of their clients then that leaves the door open for an entrepreneur to jump in and gain clients.

This type of situation is why CBD Living was started. They noticed that some other CBD brands were marketing their products in a certain way but those products were not living up to the standards they promised. The founders of CBD Living saw a need in the CBD market and seized the opportunity.

CBD Living – An International Company

CBD Living was lab testing other CBD companies’ products and found that many of those product claims were false and did not live up to the hype. So in 2013, a group of scientists and business leaders came together to form what is now CBD Living. 

CBD Living is now a global company reaching customers around the globe. They claim that their CBD products are superior to other CBD brands on the market and a large part of that reason is because of their nanotechnology manufacturing process.

Their nanotechnology manufacturing process is unique because it reduces the CBD molecules to a very small size and does not require the use of any emulsifiers to accomplish this. The benefit that this gives to the consumer of the CBD product is that it allows the body to absorb and utilize the CBD molecules much more efficiently. This translates into a CBD product that works quickly and is more effective.

Corona, California is where the headquarters for CBD Living is located. CBD Living has products that utilize hemp that is organically grown at a facility in Colorado, USA. Continue reading for our complete CBD Living Review.

Quick Facts About CBD Living

Established: 2013

Headquarters: Corona, California

Products Available: CBD oil tinctures, CBD concentrates, CBD edibles and drinks (huge variety), CBD pet products, CBD topicals, CBD vape products, CBD vegan products

Expected Price Range: CBD Living offers a large variety of products so naturally you are going to see a wide range of pricing. For instance, you can buy a bottle of CBD Living water for as little as $5 or you can buy a 4500mg CBD Living CBD oil tincture for $200. It will just depend on the type of product and the amount of CBD in the product.

What Makes CBD Living Standout

  • CBD Living has been around since 2013. There are quite a few CBD brands out there that are fairly new. This doesn’t make these other CBD companies incompetent but CBD Living does have a leg up on some of them in that regard.
  • Nanotechnology. CBD Living touts this unique CBD manufacturing process as the reason they feel their CBD products are superior to many other brands.
  • Thousands of customer reviews on their site
  • A large variety of CBD products. There is something for everyone from a new CBD user to a seasoned one.
  • Their products contain 0% THC
  • All products are made in the USA

Our Experience with Products for Our CBD Living Review

CBD Oil Tinctures: During our CBD Living review we were able to try a 750 mg concentration tincture. This type of dosage is recommended for experienced CBD users or maybe those individuals utilizing CBD for medicinal reasons as opposed to someone who is new to CBD. This CBD tincture is made from broad-spectrum hemp and not full-spectrum so CBD Living does claim their products to have 0% THC content.

Being familiar with other CBD tinctures we took this one orally under our tongue to gain the most effect. After about 20 minutes we started to notice it working with the peak being around the 75-minute mark for us. The CBD tincture can also be rubbed on your skin or put in food or drink but this may change the effect that it will have. Each person will be different of course. Overall we were very happy with the 750 mg concentration of CBD Living’s CBD Oil tincture and we plan to try the 1500 mg product next time.

From CBD Oil to CBD Coffee

CBD Living Instant Black Coffee

CBD Living Instant Coffee: We love coffee and believe in the health benefits of CBD. The instant coffee from CBD Living with 7 mg of their nano-CBD was something we really wanted to try. Let’s be honest this is not a cup of coffee from your favorite coffee shop. But as far as instant coffee goes it is sufficient and you get the benefits of CBD with each cup you drink. In our opinion, this is definitely something worth trying. You will get a cup of good coffee with CBD in it for less than $1 per cup. That’s tough to beat.

CBD Living CBD Gummies: CBD gummies have become very popular. They are such an easy way to gain the benefits of CBD into your daily diet. On top of that, they are a fun, easy snack all in one. We tried a bag of the green apple and sour CBD gummy flavors for our CBD Living review. We definitely preferred the taste of the green apple gummies. If you like sour things then you will be happy with the sour-flavored CBD gummies. Each gummy contains 10 mg of CBD and you will get 10 per small package.

CBD Living Water: We all have to drink water to stay healthy and many of us are already buying bottled water. CBD Living offers CBD-infused water that contains 10 mg of CBD in each bottle. They claim their water is 9+ ph. This was such a convenient way for us to incorporate CBD into our day. Between drinking CBD bottled water and having a few CBD gummies throughout the day it becomes so easy and convenient to add CBD to your diet. Couple that with a bit of their CBD oil and you should have all you need.

Overall Thoughts on Their Products

For our CBD Living review, we weren’t able to try all of their products. The ones that we did get to try we were very satisfied with. We definitely plan to explore more of their products in the future. Some of the ones that we are looking forward to checking out are their CBD Lotion and CBD chocolate. Some other CBD lotions that we have tried in the past have left our skin feeling quite oily. This is definitely not something we are looking for. Hopefully, we don’t run into this issue with the CBD Living lotion but we will let you know once we get to try it out. 

Pros and Cons of CBD Living


  • Products are made in the USA
  • Their products contain 0% THC
  • In business since 2013
  • Huge variety of products to choose from


  • Free shipping only available on orders over $75
  • We didn’t find information on their site regarding a satisfaction guarantee on their products

CBD Living Review – Final Thoughts from The CBD Guru

We have been very pleased with our experience with CBD Living up to this point. We were able to try a few of their products which seemed to be of very high quality and we found to be very effective. There is so much more available that we have not had an opportunity to try out. Based on the results we have experienced from our first round we will not hesitate to procure more products from CBD Living. 

Overall Rating for CBD Living



Based on our experience the quality of CBD Living products is a strength of theirs. They are a well-established company with online and retail locations as well. 



Their prices are good when compared to other CBD companies. Where they stand out a bit more is in the sheer variety of products which leads to some additional affordable CBD options.



Safety of their products is something that CBD Living takes very seriously. They claim their products to be lab tested and undergo a stringent quality assurance process to produce high-quality products.



CBD Living is very open about their lab results and the history of their company. They clearly lay out what you can expect from them as a company and what to expect of the products that they offer.



We noticed on their website that they do offer discounts to various groups of people. This includes active military, veterans, students, teachers and first responders.

Overall Rating Total – CBD Living Review

4.5/5 Stars

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  1. Does CBD Living offer free shipping?

    Free shipping becomes an option on orders of $75 or more.

  2. How many CBD products do they carry?

    CBD Living carries more than 100 high-quality CBD products.

  3. Are CBD Living products tested by a 3rd-party lab?

    Yes. CBD Living products are tested by a third-party lab and the test results are posted on their website.

  4. How much THC is in CBD Living products?

    CBD Living products contain zero traces of THC.

Disclaimer: The following reviews are made by consumers. CBD Living has not reviewed and therefore doesn’t endorse, support, or approve the reviews or recommendations left by consumers. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. CBD Living products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.