Company Overview: Cannabidiol Life is a dedicated CBD brand that focuses on providing genuine alternatives to traditional medicines. We take an in-depth look in this Cannabidiol Life Review. While they’re not against traditional medicines, they do believe in the studies and extensive research that’s already been put into the potential healing power that CBD has to offer. Even outside cannabidiol, they know there’s a full entourage of other cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and more that can enhance the CBD experience.

With their purpose in mind, we were excited to be able to review the products Cannabidiol Life has to offer. They have a tremendous variety to offer. We’re going to just touch on as many of their CBD and CBG products that we can to make this review fair and properly comprehensive.

Established: December 27, 2017

Products Available: CBD dabs, edibles, gummies, isolate, oil, pre-rolls, capsules/pills, skincare, topicals, vape oil, CBD water, CBD for pets, CBG isolate and CBG oil

Expected Price Range: $4.95 (CBD gummies sample size) to $305 (CBD Extreme Relief Bundle)

Certifications: USDA Organic and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certified  

What’s Unique About Cannabidiol Life?

  • Detailed “Meet the Staff” page on their web platform makes them more transparent and personal as a brand
  • They sell not just CBD products, but also CBG isolate and CBG oil
  • White label, wholesale, and CBD affiliate programs all available through Cannabidiol Life
  • Cannabidiol Life coupon codes available for a greater discount
  • The brand strives to be the outlet for those interested in CBD and CBD users alike

Our Experience with Different Cannabidiol Life Products

Cannabidiol Life offers a massive array of different CBD products, so we didn’t get the opportunity to try absolutely everything they have. We did get to try our fair share of different products, though, to make our review as fair as possible. Overall, we tried to review one of each type of product. Let’s break down our personal experience with Cannabidiol Life’s products.

CBD Concentrates

Featuring a bright terpene flavor of your choice (we got to choose between 4) as well as a powerful CBD isolate, the Cannabidiol Life CBD shatter crystals provided almost instant relief when we used a dab rig. We went for the Blueberry OG flavor this time, and we look forward to trying the other 3 flavors in the future.


There were a variety of choices when it came to Cannabidiol Life’s CBD edibles. Between caramels, chocolates, gummy bears, and gummy worms, we had a tough time deciding which to snack on first. We decided to play it safe with the CBD gummies sample size option. We’re excited to try the creamy vanilla CBD caramels the next time we shop with this brand.


Also known as tinctures, Cannabidiol Life’s CBD oil is a 100% organic, full-spectrum formula with a natural, strong hemp flavor. We tested the 750mg bottle, which made one serving size of approximately 25mg CBD. We put the drops under our tongue for at least 60 seconds, though we’d recommend doing it for 90 seconds to maximize the effects.

CBD for Pets

CBD oil is the only CBD product for pets through Cannabidiol Life right now, but we were happy to see three different strengths so that even our feline friends could safely have a serving. Infused with 100% organic wild Alaskan salmon oil, this became an easy way to keep their coats shiny and them happier throughout the day. 


A lot of CBD consumers still like the easy method of smoking to start feeling cannabidiol’s effects. The pre-rolls Cannabidiol Life offers make it hyper convenient for those that prefer to smoke their hemp. They’re made from the Elektra Hemp Cultivar strain and rolled with the well-known RAW organic hemp paper cones. With an efficient RAW filter for the mouthpiece to seal the deal, it’s an effortless way to feel relief.


We thought the pre-rolls were effortless, but nothing can quite compare to the absolute ease of taking CBD capsules. While they didn’t provide the most instant relief, it takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours before the extended, rapid release kicks in.


We were hoping to try out the standard CBD salve that’s so popular among CBD users, but the one from Cannabidiol Life was out of stock during this review. Instead, we had the opportunity to try their CBD body butter; a whole plant industrial hemp extract that contained 110mg of CBD. Altogether, this body butter would be most effective for minor sunburns, rashes, and other irritations across the skin.

CBG Isolate

Tested to be 98+% pure CBG isolate, this product was meant to either be added to your preferred CBD oil or just taken on an empty stomach. We tried both methods, eager to see if there were any noticeable signs of relief with just CBG alone. Overall, we found there to be more noticeable effects when taken in combination with CBD, but still noticed relief when taking the CBG by itself.


The offer either Blueberry Bliss or Watermelon Blast as the two flavor options. Both CBG oil bottles contained 2,000mg CBG and other active phytocannabinoids, with at least 600mg guaranteed to be pure CBG. Infused with organic MCT oil that’s been derived from coconuts, we quickly discovered that less is more with this strong of a potency.


  • Massive variety of products makes it easy to find a CBD or CBG product for your specific need/ailment
  • Affiliate program allows you to earn a commission for referrals to Cannabidiol Life’s products
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee to ensure you don’t receive a faulty or damaged product!
  • Active social media community across multiple platforms makes it easy to stay informed on their products
  • Delivery is supposed to take anywhere from 2 to 5 days, and we were pleased to receive ours in only 2


  • They appear to only accept either Visa or MasterCard, so American Express and Discover cards are a no-go for now!
  • Free shipping doesn’t seem to be an available option for all orders

Overall Rating for Cannabidiol Life Review



While reading information on their site about their company and their products it all points to quality. They use stringent testing and have built a company that takes pride in their product and in helping people. Looking at customer reviews online it seems to reinforce that concept as well. There is nothing about the quality of their products that gives us any hesitation.



Prices from Cannabidiol Life are reasonable and you will find something for every budget. For under $10 you can find things like CBD water, CBD lip balm or a sample size of CBD oil if you just want to give it a try. On the other hand, they have a 3,000 mL bottle of their organic CBD oil that will run you over $200. For the quality of the product that you get from Cannabidiol Life, their prices are more than fair. They do offer free shipping if you spend $36 or more.



They recognize that transparency and safety are of the utmost importance not only for the CBD industry in general but also for the furtherance and development of their own company. Everything that we have seen and experienced from Cannabidiol Life reflects that their products are made and tested to the highest safety standards.



Cannabidiol Life does a great job of giving you an overview of their company and how they were formed. They introduce you to each member of their team so you can get to know them on a more personal level. This helps you feel like you are dealing with real people and makes you feel more comfortable and confident with this brand. They have a page dedicated to various lab reports. I don’t know if it was my browser but I was unable to clearly see each of the lab results and I did not see anywhere to search by specific batch numbers of products. Being able to look at the information for specific batch numbers is important in my eyes.



We did not see anything on their site that eludes to any specific discounts for certain groups of people such as military, law enforcement or disabled customers. It’s nice to see some special discounted offers for customers. You will find many CBD sites do offer these types of discounts to various groups but we did not see anything on their site. This is definitely something we would like to see more of from Cannabidiol Life in the future.

Overall Rating – Cannabidiol Life Review – 4.2 out of 5 Stars

Disclaimer: The following reviews are made by consumers. Cannabidiol Life has not reviewed and therefore doesn’t endorse, support, or approve the reviews or recommendations left by consumers. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Cannabidiol Life products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.