Reviews of the Top CBD Brands and Companies

Welcome to recommended brands! Here we strive to bring you all the top CBD brands out there and give you an unbiased viewpoint of each one.

What we want to do here is identify all the big name and small name brands and take them through our extensive review process. These are just some of the steps we take when we are reviewing CBD brands:

  • Look into the history of the brand
  • Identify the number of available products
  • Read customer reviews on the brand
  • Self-test products the brand offers
  • …and much more!

We won’t bore you with all the details here, you can always check out our how we review page to learn more about our in depth review process for brands and for individual products.

The Best CBD Brands – Reviewed and Tested

Drumroll, please! The moment you’ve all been waiting for!

Here you can find all the CBD brands that we have extensively taken the time to vet, review, everything under the sun just to bring you guys information you need. Before you buy any product from one of these brands, be sure to read our up to date unbiased reviews here:

Why You Can Trust Our CBD Brand Reviews

CBD Brands Ratings

Here at The CBD Guru, we made it our mission to guide everyone who wishes to improve their day-to-day lives with CBD. Many online resources aspire to do the same, but you can’t rely on the first thing that pops out on the search results.

If you’re wondering what makes us feel confident about sharing what we have to say about established and startup CBD brands. Here’s why:

We’re a team of longtime CBD users

Admittedly, we didn’t jump on the CBD bandwagon right away when the hype started. It sounded too good to be true, but we kept our minds open. Having experienced first-hand the therapeutic benefits of CBD, we looked for a way to add it to our daily routine, and in doing so, the team knows well how to distinguish the good from the bad.

We launched this website to share knowledge and guide those who are just starting to dabble with hemp and those who have become loyal fans of cannabinoids. By going through our brand reviews, you won’t have to risk your safety or waste your hard-earned money on shady companies or sub-par products.

Despite doing reviews for years now, we remain eager to discover everything there is to know about the CBD industry, and you’re more than welcome to learn from our thoughts and experiences about the CBD brands that piqued your interest.

We look at CBD brands from different angles

No single factor determines whether or not a CBD company is worth its salt. That’s why we make it a point to examine every critical facet of a CBD brand. As you will see in our reviews, we break down our evaluation into multiple sections to thoroughly discuss our take on the subject.

Since the CBD industry is relatively young and unregulated, you cannot rely solely on the price or brand reputation. High-end CBD products don’t necessarily equate with quality, especially if the company is not transparent about its formulations or procedures. Similarly, consumers should not believe everything they hear about a CBD company and use that as the sole basis of their perception of the brand.

The team also recognizes that not everyone knows the essential points to look for when shopping for CBD products. Many overlook the quality of the business selling the goods, so our reviews are here to guide our fellow wellness enthusiasts on becoming more thoughtful and selective when buying CBD products.

We gather and analyze information from various sources

Our CBD reviews involve first-hand experiences with a particular brand or product. For instance, we browse the official websites of the brand we are reviewing to find out how intuitive it is to use as a shopper. The team also uses some of its products to check how accurate the brand claims are.

Of course, we understand that our experiences will not be the same as yours. Still, the CBD Guru team believes in showing that those products can work in the right conditions to prevent people from feeling disillusioned about CBD in general.

As a supplement, the CBD Guru review team also conducts research about the brand. We scour various platforms and websites to find pertinent information our readers should know. The process includes reading through press releases, interviews, and customer reviews to ensure that you will hear from all sides, too.

Our Process for Reviewing CBD Brands

Since we have been an active member of the CBD community for several years, we have witnessed the highs and lows of hemp and the rise and fall of the companies that believed in its potential. Our team carefully examined what propelled one brand to success and what mistakes CBD entrepreneurs should avoid making at all costs. This vigilance allowed us to form the following criteria that we follow whenever we assess the value and reliability of CBD brands.


An excellent CBD company prioritizes quality above all others. It should begin way before the item is manufactured. Quality standards should be established and observed from the product conceptualization and the raw materials to the manufacturing processes and packaging labels.

Since most CBD products do not undergo FDA approval, brands prove their quality through third-party testing. We make sure to look for and go through the certificates of analysis (COA) from the independent laboratory tapped by the CBD brand we are reviewing at the time. The goal is to double-check if the company sends samples for batch-testing and if the parameters include the products’ potency and purity.


CBD isn’t a cheap alternative to conventional wellness solutions. The process of obtaining quality and safe extracts add significantly to the price tag. Fortunately, good CBD brands look for ways to make their products more accessible to people from all walks of life.

During our review, we compare the average price offered by the brand to its competitors’ rates. Then, we study the money-saving programs the company has established. The team considers all these factors to determine whether or not a particular CBD brand is affordable.

Company Transparency

CBD companies exhibit transparency as a way of providing peace of mind to their customers. The leading brands give a general background of their hemp source, manufacturing processes, and product COAs. A few go the extra mile by making it easier for consumers to check a given CBD product’s ingredients and test results.

We also think that transparency should also be maintained when it comes to customer feedback. Hiding or burying bad reviews create unrealistic expectations, so we automatically deduct points from brands that carry out this practice.

Customer Support

Like other industries, the relationship between a business and the customers should not end after the latter pays for the order. It should go beyond shipping, too. This applies even more to CBD brands, given the nature of the products they sell and the unpredictable reactions that the consumers may have after using them.

During our review, we look at how easy it is for customers to speak to the customer support team through official communication channels. Our team also checks the speed and quality of responses the company provides.

Delivery of Product

Since most CBD companies follow a business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce model, we expect them to handle the delivery with little to no delays or errors. Further, in case of mishaps during shipping or delivery, the team looks into how a given brand deals with the affected customer and resolves the issue.

Our brand review also provides an overview of the CBD company’s shipping methods. This includes the lead time, types of courier service used, area scopes, and shipping rates. 

Real User Experiences/Reviews

In addition to our experiences with the products sold by the brand we are reviewing, we also search for insightful reviews from actual customers. Snippets are chosen and added to give our readers a realistic view of what to expect.

Given that cannabinoids can interact differently from one person to another, we try to look for accounts of individuals from various demographics. There is still no reassurance that you will have the same experiences as they did, but it may help put yourself at ease about the legitimacy of the CBD brand.

Side-by-Side Comparisons to the Best in the Industry

After rating a particular CBD brand on its own, we take the time to analyze its offer and performance against at least two of its peers. The team goes through their similarities, but the main focus of this section covers the aspects where the involved CBD companies differ.

More often than not, these are the primary selling points of the brands since businesses have their respective unique value propositions (UVPs). The comparisons are not definitive since consumers have differing priorities. For example, you might prefer CBD products made of organic and vegan ingredients, while others are more concerned about the potency or diversity of product selections.

FAQ About CBD Brands

  1. Do CBD Brands Have to Get FDA Approval for Their Products?

    At the moment, this is a gray area in the CBD industry. As we have previously discussed, the only FDA-approved CBD product on the market is Epidiolex, an oral drug for rare forms of epilepsy.

    According to the FD & C Act (Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act), any product—except food—that is designed for medical or therapeutic purposes must receive approval from FDA (Food and Drug Administration before being launched, sold, distributed, or consumed. Though various studies show the strong potential of CBD for these applications, most CBD brands work around this regulation through product disclaimers. Otherwise, the non-complying company will receive a warning letter from FDA.

  2. How Do I Know Which CBD Companies to Trust?

    There is no definitive list of reliable CBD companies, but you can pay attention to specific indicators to determine how ethical and responsible they are to the consumers.

    Since these indicators come from various sources, you can avoid being duped into buying CBD products because of the author’s personal bias or paid ads.

  3. Do All CBD Brands Do Third Party Testing?

    No, you can’t assume that all CBD companies tap an independent lab for product testing. The verification process can be tedious and costly, especially since experts advise consumers to always look for batch test results. That’s why the leading brands wield COA (certificate of analysis), indicating a product’s cannabinoid profile, potency, and purity as one of their major selling points.

  4. Should I Be Using Products from Multiple CBD Companies?

    That could be an option for you, as long as you remain cautious about the CBD companies you choose to trust. There is no assurance that the CBD skincare line of a particular brand will work just as well on you as their CBD gummies. We react differently to cannabinoids, and the effectiveness of the delivery method may also be influenced by various factors, like age, metabolism, and lifestyle.

    Moreover, many of the top CBD brands have carved their niches, and as a consumer, you are free to inspect and choose the best of what they offer.

  5. How Do I Compare the Prices Offered by Different CBD Brands for Similar Products?

    The most straightforward way is to calculate the price per milligram of CBD and then consider if you would go for the cheaper option or spend more to avail of the added benefits of the costlier item.

    Start by dividing the price by the total strength of the CBD product. Note that this method doesn’t consider the other characteristics and benefits you can get from the item. Therefore, it’s best to compare the added value before making your final decision.

    For example, CBD products made of certified organic hemp are typically on the higher end of the market. The extraction method also influences the price points, with supercritical CO2 extraction being the most expensive of the current technologies.

  6. Can I Trust the Customer Reviews on a CBD Brand’s Official Website?

    We suggest looking at customer reviews on various platforms to be on the safe side. While many brands tag such posts with “Verified Purchase” or something similar, you might not see the complete picture because it’s common practice for businesses to highlight only the good reviews on their sites.

    Do a quick search on your browser, and you will likely find the feedback of customers who had bought the product you want or placed an order on the CBD brand you’re considering. Remember that not all reviews you will see are guaranteed authentic, though.

    Pay attention to how the CBD company responds—if they do at all. That should tell you a lot about the customer support you will receive from that brand.

  7. Do CBD Companies Ship to Every State?

    You can’t assume that all CBD companies will ship to your state. Though the federal government has declared industrial hemp and its derivatives legal, state laws still vary. We recommend checking the latest updates from your state before shopping for CBD products.

  8. Does Your Review Include the Brand’s Social Responsibility?

    Yes, we gather information related to the efforts of CBD companies to give back to the community and support worthy causes. Nowadays, consumers have become more conscious about corporate social responsibility, so we make it a point to highlight the recent projects and campaigns that showcase the brands’ values and generosity.

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