What Is CBD White Labeling and How To Do It

CBD White Label

If you are reading this article you know that there is potential in CBD. It has the potential to have life-changing effects on people’s lives. But there is also financial potential to be able to make a living for yourself and your family. CBD has become a big business and it continues to grow.

Businesses with a growth forecast attract a lot of attention. CBD is no different but the CBD market does pose some challenges. If people are properly educated about CBD then the market stands a good chance of thriving. 

There is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about CBD that does pose a threat to its growth. On top of that, there is a lack of overall regulation of the industry which also scares some people away. The CBD industry is at a crossroads and a lot of its future success depends on how CBD players manage their businesses.

There are a lot of great CBD brands out there today. They offer great product options and are very safe and reliable. There are also some bad choices that muddy the CBD waters. 

There is room in the CBD space for more trustworthy brands. One issue is that starting your own CBD company from scratch is difficult, expensive, and time-consuming. It takes a lot of knowledge and resources that not many people have to be successful. That is where CBD white labeling comes in.

What Is a CBD White Label

If you have ever thought about trying to sell your own CBD products then you may have reached a point where it just seemed overwhelming. I mean if you were to start from scratch you would have to procure or grow your own hemp, do all the processing and manufacturing, lab work, designs, marketing, etc. And there is the money that it would take to do those things.

There is a lot that goes into starting your own CBD business. Thankfully there is an alternative method without having to start from scratch. It is a process known as white labeling.

CBD white labeling is actually a fairly simple concept. You don’t do any of the beginning steps like growing hemp or making your own CBD products. White labeling is when you piggyback off of another CBD brand that has already made all of those initial investments. 

In white labeling, you would use standard formulations of their products. They would sell their actual products to you without their original labeling. You would then turn around and label the products with your own labeling and packaging and then sell them to the end-user of the product.

Why Consider CBD White Labeling?

If you are considering getting into the CBD business then there are some definite reasons to at least consider trying a white label business model.

If you think about the time, energy, capital, and knowledge it would take to start your own CBD company from the ground up then it’s pretty daunting. It would be a very difficult task and it would take a lot of time to get up and running properly. For most people, this is not the way they are going to get started.

Using a CBD white label allows you to get up and running very quickly. Within a matter of a few weeks, you could be selling your own CBD products. These products would have your own label but you would not have gone through all of the trouble.

The upfront cost would also be much lower because you are not having to make large capital investments into the land, farm equipment, manufacturing, and things of that sort. And one of the greatest benefits of white label CBD is that the risk is very low. The product provider has already established its brand and its product. If your white label business happens to fail you really are not out much.

What Are the Requirements and How Much Does It Cost

So you are probably wondering what you actually need to do to start a CBD white label. And I’m sure you are wondering how much investment you would have to make up front. I know these are two of the first questions I would be asking.

To be honest there really aren’t a lot of requirements to get started. The top white label CBD programs make things incredibly easy for you. 

One of the main things you will need is a logo. And even with things like a logo, the top CBD white label companies will help you with that. In fact, if you were to give them your company logo and colors they would even be happy to work up multiple label options for you to choose from.

Maybe the biggest thing that you would want to do is to make sure you have a plan in place. Understanding how you are planning to run your business is crucial. You will want to know how you plan to market and sell your products before spending the money to get them.

Once you come up with your plan and your logo it’s quite easy from there. One of the white label programs we looked at has a minimum order quantity of 12 units per SKU and a $2,500 minimum total purchase amount for the initial order. When you are ready to reorder the amount drops to only $1,000.

If you are not prepared to spend that much right away you may even be able to purchase products completely unlabeled. This may allow you to buy in lower quantities for a lower dollar amount and then just add your label by yourself.

Can It Actually Be Successful?

The simple answer is that, yes, it can be very successful! You may actually be surprised at how many white label products are actually out on the market right now. Many of these brands are doing quite well for themselves.

Now, this does not mean that it’s going to be easy or that you won’t have to work at it. And nothing is ever guaranteed in life.

To be successful you need to have a good plan in place and work hard to achieve your goals. Setting yourself up for success from the very beginning is key. You also need to make sure you choose the right products to put your new brand name on. Without a good product, you are doomed before you even get going so make sure you choose wisely.

Choosing the products you will be marketing in your new business will take some time in itself. First, you will need to do some research. Once you have narrowed it down to a few good options you should extensively test their products. Make sure you know exactly what you will be selling and how it is going to benefit your customers.

How Much Time Will I Need To Invest?

Like many things, the amount of success you experience will depend on you. You need to do your research. Picking a brand of products that are a good fit is the first step. Once you have a group of products that is reliable and successful the rest is up to you.

The more effort that you put into it the more chance of success that you are going to have. A business cannot run on its own. It takes a lot of time and effort and self-motivation to make it work. But it can definitely work!

CBD white labeling is completely legal and acceptable. These manufacturers are giving you complete permission to use their products under your own brand name. You work through the original CBD manufacturers and they actually ship the products to you with your own label printed on their products. You pay them money for their products and then it’s up to you to sell them to an end-user to make your money.

White Labeling vs Private Label

You may see the terms white label and private label used interchangeably in some circumstances. They are definitely very similar but there are some subtle differences if you want to get technical.

When talking about white label CBD products we are referring to standard formulations and standard configurations of the products. It would be the same as any other customer could buy the products from the manufacturer.

Private label CBD products are a bit more specialized. These would be CBD products that are specifically designed and manufactured for your own company. Meaning the particular formula is a bit different in some way that would make it proprietary and unique to your own CBD label.

Design and Labeling Requirements

There are not a lot of requirements and regulations surrounding labeling. Partly because there are no federal guidelines from the FDA regarding CBD in general. 

CBD products do need to have a full list of the ingredients displayed. The ingredients don’t necessarily have to be displayed on the inner packaging if they are displayed on the outer packaging. But if there isn’t an outer box then the product would need to contain the list of ingredients.

The best advice we can give is that the more transparent you are the better. If you are actually selling a product that you believe in then you should be happy to display the list of ingredients. End-users appreciate transparency in an industry that does not necessarily require it.

As far as the design goes that is completely up to you. You can come up with any company name, design, and color scheme for your white label company that you want to.

Final Thoughts From The CBD Guru

The CBD market space has a lot of players but it’s not to the point where you would so it’s an oversaturated market. There is room for more CBD companies to make their marks. And with the rise in popularity of CBD the sky is really the limit.

If you have been thinking about whether or not it’s possible to start your own CBD brand then there is no time like the present. You can take heart in knowing that you don’t have to start from scratch.

CBD white labeling is a great option to get you started. The best advice that we can give new entrepreneurs is to have a plan. Understand where you want to go and how you plan to achieve your goals. Work hard and don’t give up. That doesn’t mean that things will be easy. They will not. But your dreams are achievable.



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