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CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, has received praises from users who view it as a natural remedy for all sorts of aches and ailments. May it be a swollen joint or an anxious mind, several testimonies about the effectiveness of CBD as a means of achieving physical and mental wellness can be heard from people belonging to different walks of life.

Given this, you might be wondering if CBD can also be used to get rid of hangovers.

The answer is not as straightforward as you might be expecting. While some swear by CBD as their ultimate hangover cure, the way CBD works can be better described as a symptom reducer rather than a total hangover eliminator.

Simply speaking, CBD does not cure hangovers on its own. Instead, it can significantly lessen the negative impacts of alcohol on your system.

To better explain how this all works, this article will cover the causes of hangovers and how CBD can help you better manage the symptoms of a hangover.

We will also share with you some helpful tips on selecting the best types of CBD products and the appropriate dosage if you use them to recover from a hangover.

Why Do People Suffer from Hangovers?

In general, hangovers occur when you imbibe alcohol too quickly for you to handle. This results in the buildup of acetaldehyde in the body. The symptoms of hangover emerge once the alcohol level in your system begins to decrease.

The onset of a hangover as well as the types and severity of its symptoms vary from one person to another. Similarly, the time you need to recover from it depends on various factors. As such, some people can get rid of their hangovers within a few hours, while others have to cancel their plans for the following day because of how bad it could get.

Given these, many are on the lookout for an effective hangover cure. Some also settle for potential remedies that can minimize their suffering after enjoying one too many drinks.

That’s where CBD comes in. 

Can You Take CBD After Imbibing Alcohol?

According to the World Health Organization’s review, CBD can be taken safely in most circumstances. However, you should take note of how the potential side-effects of CBD could hamper your recovery from a hangover.

For example, many people report feeling fatigued after receiving a dosage of CBD. Since going through a hangover can be debilitating for your productiveness, this side-effect of CBD may further lengthen the time you need to go back to your regular self and attend to your responsibilities.

Therefore, we suggest for you examine first the typical condition of your body and mind after taking CBD. If the potential benefits outweigh the adverse effects, then you may consider using CBD as a way to get relief from the symptoms of a hangover.

CBD vs. Hangover Symptoms

As we have clarified earlier, there is evidence that CBD can make you feel less terrible during a hangover. So, while it shouldn’t be seen as a cure, you may still benefit from taking CBD after drinking alcohol.

Let’s take a look at the five ways CBD can lessen your suffering if you have consumed too much alcohol for your liver to process immediately.

CBD can help you quell nausea and vomiting

A lot of CBD users have become interested in it because of its ability to prevent nausea and vomiting. For example, people who are receiving chemotherapy take CBD to lessen nausea and vomiting—common side-effects of this cancer treatment.

Given this, CBD may be used to inhibit feelings of nausea and vomiting during a hangover. Most studies indicate that THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) works better at this. However, if your state has not legalized the selling, purchasing, or using of THC products, their CBD counterparts could be of help to you, too.  

CBD may counteract some effects of dehydration

Alcohol is considered a diuretic. This means you would feel dehydrated faster than usual if you didn’t sip water while drinking alcohol.

The significant loss of fluid will not only make you feel thirsty but can also trigger inflammations throughout your body.

Some research studies show that CBD has anti-inflammatory capabilities. Therefore, it may prevent or reduce swelling, headache, or body ache caused by drinking alcohol and dehydration.

CBD significantly reduces brain fog

Brain fog isn’t a medical condition, but rather a symptom that is characterized by slow mental processes, periods of “spacing out”, or the inability to accurately recall a memory.

A study shows that the topical application of CBD can reduce brain fog by about 50%. If used regularly, CBD may also help you remain alert and focused even after you have imbibed alcohol.

CBD may help you regulate your blood sugar levels

Some hangover symptoms such as fatigue, mood swings, and tremors resulting from decreased levels of blood sugar. These occur because the body is not getting enough sugar to meet its requirements for energy production.

Blood sugar levels may be controlled with the use of CBD. However, this benefit can be reaped if you’ve been taking CBD regularly for some time and if you are not a heavy drinker.

CBD fights free radical damage

The body and mind take quite a big hit whenever you drink alcohol, especially if you’ve consumed copious amounts. While you suffer from a hangover, the body needs to eliminate the buildup of toxins and get a boost of vitamins to work effectively again.

Generally speaking, CBD is a powerful antioxidant. Therefore, it can aid you in flushing out the unnecessary compounds in your body, thereby reducing the free radical damage that the presence of alcohol is inflicting upon your system.

CBD can prevent post-drinking anxiety or depression

Have you ever felt worried, guilty, or ashamed after having indulged yourself with alcoholic drinks? That may be caused by whatever embarrassing or out-of-character actions and decisions you’ve done at the time, but it might also be due to the body’s withdrawal from the effects of alcohol.

CBD may keep you from devolving into an anxious or depressed state since it can regulate your mood. Many users report feeling relaxed and a little bit euphoric after taking a dose of CBD. While it can’t erase what you’ve done while you were drunk, it can help you stop obsessing about those shameful thoughts and feel better as you try to recover from your hangover.

Not all CBD products are equal when it comes to helping the body and mind recover from a hangover. The best choice for you depends on which hangover symptom you want to address with the use of CBD, and how you feel while you are suffering from a hangover.

If you want immediate relief from a throbbing headache

Sublingual CBD, which typically comes in oil, tincture, or powder form, tends to be one of the fastest ways to feel the effects of this compound. This involves placing a tiny amount of the CBD product below the tongue and holding it there for a moment. The blood vessels will absorb the CBD and you would feel it working within a short while.

Because of this, some experts consider this form as an excellent way to get rid of a bad headache that people usually get during a hangover.

If you feel pain in different parts of the body

To address localized pain, go for topical CBD like a body cream, lotion, or roll-on oils. Such products can be applied directly to the affected area without any preparation.

Take note that you might have to wait for a bit to feel the soothing effects of topical CBD. The exact duration varies depending on how quickly the skin will absorb the CBD and let it pass to your bloodstream.

If you need a remedy that will last longer

The effects of CBD edibles may kick in after 30 minutes to 1 hour upon ingestion. The tradeoff for this waiting time is that you can enjoy its benefits for several hours afterward.

Given this, we recommend CBD edibles for people who typically take a long time to recover from a hangover. However, this isn’t suitable for those with severe hangover symptoms or if you feel nauseous at the mere thought of food.

The Bottom Line

Recovering from a hangover through CBD can be safely done if you pick the right product for you and you follow the prescribed dosage. Remember that it will not magically get rid of your hangover. Instead, it will provide relief from some common hangover symptoms. It also aids the body’s attempt to eliminate the toxins left in your body after drinking.

As you continue to take CBD regularly, your chances of avoiding the worst hangover symptoms, like severe headaches or vomiting, will be reduced, too. It may also lessen the time you need to get through a hangover. Do you more want more ideas on how to use CBD? Subscribe below to receive updates about CBD and its growing number of applications.



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