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Pachamama CBD

We don’t often get too personal here at The CBD Guru. For people like me, it’s not always easy to talk about our personal lives. But in this blog post, I want to give you a quick update on how Pachamama CBD oil has really helped me.

You can sit and read about how CBD might help you but sometimes it is helpful and encouraging to hear first-hand that CBD actually has helped someone deal with something in their own lives. 

So if you have been on the fence about trying CBD, I will give you my personal experience with Pachamama Black Pepper Turmeric CBD oil.

Before I get started I would like to give you a background and overview of Pachamama CBD. If you are interested, you can read our full, in-depth review of Pachamama CBD. But for those who are not familiar with Pachamama, I’ll give a quick background.

Pachamama CBD 

Pachamama was co-founded by two brothers, Ryan and Brandon Stump. It’s an intriguing story but Brandon had struggled with drug addiction. He moved to Southern California and came to the realization that the problem wasn’t his surroundings, but was found within himself. 

Once he was able to accept this reality his life started to change. Brandon was helping others around him who were struggling with similar issues. The number of people looking for help continued to grow and his brother, Ryan, agreed to move west to help Brandon help others.

But that wasn’t the beginning of Pachamama CBD. Brandon suffered an ankle injury where he had torn some ligaments. He was experiencing pain and was looking for help in managing the pain from the injury.

Because of Brandon’s past history of drug abuse, he was unwilling to take prescription pain medication. He was also trying physical therapy but it just wasn’t working for him the way he had hoped. 

It was then that a friend of Brandon’s introduced him to a topical CBD product that Brandon began to use regularly. Over the next few weeks, his pain was dramatically reduced and Brandon knew that he wanted to pursue CBD in a quest to help others. He once again enlisted his brother Ryan and they created Pachamama CBD.

What Sets Pachamama CBD Apart

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Black Pepper Turmeric

What We Like

  • Natural Taste
  • Whole body support






There are a ton of CBD options out there today. So finding one that sets itself apart from the field isn’t always easy to do. Pachamama does do some things that not all CBD brands do that help to distinguish its products from the rest. 

One unique feature of Pachamama CBD is that they only use single-origin hemp. That means their hemp comes from one strain that is cultivated and harvested by one farmer. Many CBD companies are getting their hemp from multiple hemp strains coming from various different farms.

Pachamama also utilizes a proprietary air extraction method to extract CBD from hemp. This air extraction is also USDA Certified Organic. It doesn’t use any CO2, solvents, or hydrocarbons. They also don’t use any artificial flavors or sweeteners. If you are looking for exotic-tasting CBD oil you won’t find it here. Instead, Pachamama combines CBD with superfoods and plant extracts to provide the best and most targeted relief possible.

And it was for a lot of these reasons that I chose to go with Pachamama CBD on a regular basis to help with the pain that I was dealing with.

My Background

Like millions of others, I have suffered from lower back pain for years. Mine started in high school while playing baseball. As I continued my baseball career in college it only became more of an issue. 

I saw many doctors and tried various physical therapies but none of it seemed to work. I finally found something called Prolotherapy that did provide relief from the pain I was experiencing and allowed me to continue playing.

After college, I was not as athletically active and I didn’t have too much pain until I recently hit 40 years old. My lower back pain had resurfaced and was keeping me from being able to do work around the house and enjoying time with my family. At times it would be so bad that I could hardly move and just couldn’t get comfortable. I knew I had to do something because the pain was interrupting my quality of life.

Why Choose Pachamama

As I previously mentioned, I like the fact that Pachamama uses single-strain hemp and that their extraction method is USDA Certified Organic. In a world of a lot of uncertainties and no regulation of the CBD market, I like to see companies go the extra mile to preserve the safety and quality of their products.

But on top of that, we had received samples from Pachamama previously so I had already had the opportunity to use and test them. My short experience with the Pachamama CBD samples was all I needed to know that they were top-notch in quality and that they absolutely worked.

So when I started to have the flare-up in my back pain there were only a handful or CBD brands that I was personally considering. Pachamama Black Pepper Turmeric CBD oil was ultimately the one that I chose to go with.

Specifically, I chose the 1750 mg formula offered by Pachamama. It is a 1-ounce bottle, which is equal to 30 ml. The suggested serving size is 1ml per serving. The dropper is clearly marked so you know how much you are taking.

For me, I often took two droppers per day. I was consistent with taking it at least once but was often taking two servings per day, especially early on for the first couple of weeks. 

What I have found with CBD is that for best results you have to be consistent and you have to be persistent. In my experience, I have not noticed CBD working miracles overnight, especially when treating chronic pain. For me, it has really been a matter of staying consistent in actually taking the CBD and being persistent to continue taking it even if you are not feeling all better in a matter of a few days. You need to give it time to work and for your body to respond.

After the first week, I can honestly say I was a little bit discouraged. Yes, I was feeling a little bit better but it was not what I was hoping for at all. I was feeling discouraged even though I knew from experience that it could take some time to experience the full benefits. 

By the end of week two, I was really starting to see improvement. I was gaining much of my mobility back and I was experiencing much less pain than I had even after the first week of use. 

After a month of use, it was like night and day. My pain was almost completely non-existent and I was able to do any physical activity that I wanted to. That was about a month ago now and I am still pain-free. To be honest, I’ve stopped using CBD for the time being because my pain has subsided.

In reality, the best option would be for me to continue using it on a once-a-day basis. I realize that is the preferred method but we all live in the real world. Money isn’t easy to come by and CBD isn’t exactly cheap. For that reason, I have chosen to pull back for now and see how my body responds over the coming weeks and months.


Patience and Persistence Is Key

I mentioned it previously but patience and persistence are two keys when starting with CBD. You really need to be able to manage your expectations when going into it. I do not portray or claim CBD to be a miraculous and instantaneous healer. However, I do believe it can help to relieve pain if you take it consistently and if you choose the proper CBD product.

To see the best results from CBD you need to give it time to work and you need to be consistent in taking the CBD. Without doing these things you are not giving CBD a chance and you are not giving yourself a chance to feel better.

Count the Cost

It’s no secret that CBD can be expensive. Most of us wouldn’t say that we have an extra $100 per month to experiment with CBD. And because of that many people are missing out on the many benefits that CBD could offer them.

It’s not an easy decision and I completely understand where they are coming from. I have the benefit of having already experienced the positive results of CBD so I know what is possible. If you have never experienced it then it’s a big step to use your hard-earned money on something that you have doubts about.

My advice would be to count the cost. If pain is altering your lifestyle like it was for me then I would say that CBD is worth looking into. If you could improve your quality of life for $100 wouldn’t you do it?

How Much CBD Should I Take to Start With?

It’s a great question and one that we hear all of the time from our readers. The best thing to do is start low and increase slowly.

I am familiar with CBD so I was using the bottle with 1750 mg of CBD in the 30 ml bottle. That makes it approximately 58mg of CBD per 1 ml serving size. And I was often taking two of those per day.

If you are new to CBD I would recommend starting with the 750 mg concentration formula. That would make each 1 ml dropper have approximately 25 mg of CBD in each serving. One serving per day would be a great place to start. 

As you become more confident you could then try increasing to two servings per day if you were not experiencing the results that you were hoping for. 

But please start slow. While you can’t overdose on CBD there are still other parts of the hemp plant in a full-spectrum extract like Pachamama. There is also up to 0.3% of THC. If you overdo it on how much you take it could affect you so please be careful of that.


Before trying CBD we recommend consulting with your doctor or healthcare professional to get their opinion as well.

The decision to try CBD is ultimately up to you. I have no interest in persuading you to try CBD if you are convinced in your mind that it’s not for you.

However, if you are on the fence I wanted to give you my personal experience with CBD and how it really helped me and my quality of life by drastically reducing my lower back pain.

I have experienced firsthand how CBD can have a significant impact on my own life. If you decide to try it my hope is that you will find the same success with CBD. 

Please let me know your past experiences of how CBD has helped you as well.



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