Is the CBD Sold at Gas Stations Legit?

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So, when I had the idea to write this article, I was at one of my local gas stations checking out, and they had all sorts of different CBD spread across the counter. They had CBD pens, chewables, all sorts of stuff all locked up in cases with many varying prices.

Not only at gas stations, but at popular chains like family video I started seeing CBD for sale pop up…even small mom and pop grocery stores in my town are hopping on the CBD hype train.

But, the question still remains, is the CBD they are selling “good” CBD? Is it even safe?

So, naturally, I had to do a little investigating. And I am here today to share with you my findings.

First Off, What Is CBD, and What are the Different Kinds?

Before we start the discussion of whether the store bought CBD is any good, we have to understand what CBD is and what the different kinds are.

What is CBD?

CBD stands fors cannabindol, which is derived from the cannabis plant. It is only one component of many different ones that are found in the cannabis plant.

The major difference with CBD is it does not contain the THC element that marijuana has. So, you can have all of the health benefits of cannabis without any of the psychedelic effects.

You can learn more about what CBD is in its entirety here.

What are the Different Kinds of CBD?

Now, we’ll look at the 3 different types of CBD:

  • Isolate: only has CBD with no other cannabinoids
  • Full-spectrum: has all cannabinoids found naturally inside cannabis plant, including THC
  • Broad-spectrum: has multiple cannabinoids found naturally in the cannabis plant, but doesn’t have THC

Between these different types of CBD, there is a lot to take in, but it’s really not as complicated as it may seem.

Any CBD you find will be very well labelled so you know exactly what you are buying. If the CBD you find at a store doesn’t have this information, don’t buy it.

If you still want to learn more about these different types, check out this dedicated page that breaks down each of these types in more detail.

I have more things to talk about on this page, so let’s get into it!

The Biggest Difference: Quality

When I was doing my research for this post, I of course turned to one of our resident experts, Jayden Pire. He told me of course quality was going to be the biggest difference of what you can find at gas stations vs high quality products we recommend here at

I want to break down the major differences of quality you’ll find, but first I want to share the analogy Jayden gave me.

“Just think about it like Charlotte’s Web is Doritos, and say Spirit CBD is great value nacho cheese chips Technically the same thing, just a little difference in quality due to a difference in capabilities.”

So, going off the assumption that products we recommend are like the vastly superiors Dorito, and gas station and supermarket CBD is like a nacho cheese off brand chip, we can draw this conclusion. 

While it may not be terrible, why settle for anything less than the real thing?

That’s exactly what we strive to recommend here on our site, only the best. And of course, we understand that we need to backup this comparison of CBD, so let’s dive in a little deeper into how the overall quality of the CBD brands may be different.

Regulation Issues

Picking up some CBD at your local gas station may seem convenient, but it can pose some risk. Lesser known brand names for CBD may have a lot less oversight than other higher name brands on the market.

The 2018 Farm Bill has set certain rules and standings in place, but the fact remains for some of these smaller, lesser known companies trying to sell CBD, you have the potential of running into CBD with more THC levels than are allowed, potentially harmful compounds and much more.

Confirm 3rd Party Testing

You will always be able to find a certified 3rd party tested label on the best CBD products and brands.

One thing you can do to make sure you are buying only the highest quality CBD is to check for the ultimate seal of approval, the The U.S. Hemp Authority® Certification.

There are not many CBD products on the market with this seal, in fact there are only 30 as of the time of this writing. Now, this isn’t to say that CBD that doesn’t have this seal isn’t worth your time, there are plenty of high quality brands and products without it. 

But, if you find a product with this seal, you know it’s the real deal.

Verify the COA

Every CBD label should have a COA (certificate of analysis) that is attached somewhere. Having this seal on the label will confirm for sure that the product has been verified and 3rd party tested.

If you do not see a COA label on the product you are about to buy, I recommend just putting it back. Without the COA, there is virtually no way to know where the CBD came from or what it really contains.

Buy CBD Online

Now, I’ve done a lot of rambling about all the differences between CBD products and how to spot them. Let’s take a break from that, and I’ll show you some of the best CBD you can buy on the market today.

My team and I here at TheCBDGuru have done all of the heavy lifting for you in terms of research, product testing and more all for you!

Here is a list of our current top recommended CBD products from that research. Rest assured these products are of the highest quality, much different than what you can find at your local convenience store.

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The Wrap Up

That’s it guys, the differences between store-bought CBD and the best high-quality CBD. I would definitely recommend shopping online with well-trusted brands, but if you are looking for something quick and convenient, it won’t be the worst thing in the world.
Just remember, as with anything, you get what you pay for!



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