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So, you’ve tried CBD and experienced its wide range of therapeutic benefits. You want to embrace it as a part of your lifestyle, but quality CBD products can take a significant portion of your budget if you don’t know where to look for the best deals in the market.

In this article, we will share ___ helpful tips on how to save money while enjoying a CBD-enhanced day. A few of these cost-saving measures will also help you stay on top of the new offers from your preferred CBD brands, and some will ensure that you will have a steady stock of your favorite CBD products whenever you need them.

Don’t Sacrifice Quality to Save a Few Extra Bucks

Before we go through our shopping advice, we believe it’s critical to reiterate this reminder. As popular as CBD has become these past few years, the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has yet to impose strict and consistent regulations on hemp-derived products. Almost anyone can start creating and selling CBD, so it’s up to the consumers to be more thoughtful and more selective about which CBD companies they can trust.

We appreciate the plethora of CBD products available for us today. They come in different forms, potencies, and flavors, thus ensuring that there will be something for everybody. Some are marketed as premium products, while others push their brands as more affordable but safe alternatives.

Despite how great it is to have the freedom to choose which of these CBD brands will fit our wellness needs and budget, this wide variety remains a double-edged sword in our eyes. Individuals trying CBD for the first time often opt for a cheaper option because they are not yet sure if cannabidiol will live up to its hype. Even some experienced CBD users make the same mistake by assuming that every product released by their preferred brands will be unquestionably excellent and free from unnecessary fillers and contaminants.

Unfortunately, that is not the case, and making such assumptions can lead to costly and dangerous consequences. Therefore, we always encourage our readers to verify the quality of the CBD products they wish to try. A significant portion of our product reviews and brand evaluations comprise our thoughts and findings on these CBD companies’ quality and safety practices. Through these efforts, we hope that more consumers will become aware of the importance of being objective when choosing CBD products.

We can’t be swayed just because a pack of CBD gummies from a specific brand is priced 20% lower than the other option. When you have done your due diligence in assessing the quality of the brand and product, there are plenty of ways to save money without sacrificing your health and peace of mind.

Cost-Saving Tips When Shopping for Your Favorite CBD

Many of the leading CBD companies have made commendable efforts in lowering the cost of hemp-derived products, thus allowing more people to have access to its known wellness perks.

We have compiled below the various types of deals typically offered by CBD brands. Sometimes, you can also combine these money-saving tricks to get the best deals possible.

Use Coupons and Discount Codes

You’ve probably seen a coupon or discount code, even if you have not yet purchased any CBD product. Many companies employ this promotional strategy to increase brand awareness and encourage customers to buy more than the bare minimum.

That’s because most coupons and discount codes require a certain amount of order amount before they can be used. For example, if the total value of the products you want to check out is worth at least $49, you may enjoy a 10% to 20% discount, depending on the brand.

Some companies allow site-wide applications. That means you will enjoy this perk regardless of the products you choose. Others take things further by restricting them to particular products or product types. Many brands also have holiday-themed discount codes—primarily released during New Year’s Day, the Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Another way this method helps you save money is by adding free shipping to the mechanics. It can be expensive to ship CBD products, especially if you live far from the company’s warehouse. Some shoppers also prefer getting free shipping, even if it means that the item’s value is a little bit higher than its competitors.

Where can you get coupons and discount codes?

Check out the official website of the CBD brand. You can typically find them on the homepage, for example, on the banner. You can also spot reminders about them on the individual product pages.

The source of coupons and discount codes isn’t limited to CBD brands. Many affiliate marketers get special codes to give to their readers or followers. Though the affiliates will earn a certain percentage when you use their code, you won’t have to pay them an added fee because that is the responsibility of the CBD company itself.

Join the brand’s mailing list

To grow a mailing list, a business will entice potential customers by offering incredible one-time incentives. Some give helpful checklists, e-books, or gifts, but many CBD companies choose to hand out special discount codes or vouchers to anyone who joins the mailing list for the first time.

The amount of savings you can expect from this is typically lower than the regular discounts offered by the brand, and you can use it only once unless you have multiple email accounts to register.

Nonetheless, being part of the CBD brand’s mailing list can still lead to awesome deals you would not have noticed. Some companies combine email campaigns with the allure of exclusive promos and gifts. Others send notices about new products with much lower introductory prices to your inbox. If you stayed on the mailing list for at least a year, you might receive a thank-you gift from the brand on your anniversary.

How can you be a part of a mailing list?

Head to the brand’s official website and look for the section dedicated to this. It is typically near the bottom part, and the only information you have to provide is a valid email address. If you have not used it there before, check your inbox for a welcome message from the company and the perks of becoming a member of its mailing list.

Buy multiples of the same product

Some CBD companies apply a volume discount if you purchase at least two units of the same item at once. The value may become more significant the more you buy, but others stick to a uniform rate.

This deal can be a great option if you love a particular CBD product or have other people to share it with. For instance, if you and your friends or family take CBD gummies for relaxation or pain relief, the volume discount can give you massive savings that you won’t get by simply applying a coupon.

Can you combine coupons with volume discounts?

That depends on the policy of the given CBD company. Some allow customers to stack their discounts in a single purchase, while others restrict the order to only one type of discount. In the latter’s case, you would have to pick which will give you a better deal.

Purchase your favorite CBD products in a bundle

Another common sales strategy CBD companies follow is bundling products and making them more affordable than when you purchase the components individually. Sometimes, the bundle consists of the brand’s most popular product and others that are newly introduced or not considered bestsellers.

Still, we’ve seen a few CBD companies offering product bundles that grouped their biggest hits from different categories—for example, a bottle of CBD oil tincture with a pack of CBD gummies. With the rising trend for cannabidiol-infused skincare products, we have also noticed more brands offering bundles of their CBD skincare products belonging to the same collection or featuring the same scents.

What if you haven’t tried the other CBD products included in the bundle?

Look closer at the COA (certificate of analysis) and customer reviews of the unfamiliar CBD product. Assess if you’re willing to try it or not. Otherwise, we don’t recommend going for the product bundle just because of the savings you’d get. Consider the other shopping tips we have shared in this article instead.


Signing up for a subscription means you will receive a specific CBD product regularly for a certain period. Brands make this offer more attractive by slashing the prices and shipping it for free.

This is a fantastic deal for your favorite CBD product because you won’t have to keep reordering the same item. Sometimes, the brand will also throw in surprise gifts or free samples of other CBD products in their selection.

Since many customers hesitate because a subscription entails a commitment, some CBD companies reassure shoppers that they can pause or cancel the subscription anytime after the first delivery—no questions asked. We truly appreciate this level of flexibility and consideration.

Are CBD gift boxes also a form of subscription?

Yes, but you will have less control over which CBD products you will receive. One of the major selling points of these gift boxes is the variety of inclusions in every parcel. If you trust the company to pick only products from reliable CBD brands, subscribing to a gift box can be an excellent way to discover new cannabidiol products. The freebies and brand merch in each box also sweeten the deal in most cases.

Collect and redeem your loyalty points

Sticking to a particular CBD brand can be pretty rewarding if the same brand has established an outstanding loyalty program. In general, the way this works is that you earn a certain number of loyalty points for every purchase or brand-related task you perform—such as referring it to others successful or sharing a post featuring its product on social media.

The accumulated points can be redeemed for discount vouchers, gifts, or other rewards. Through this, you can gain even better deals while enjoying the products of your favorite CBD brand.

How can I join the loyalty program?

Most CBD companies automatically qualify a customer to their respective programs upon the first successful purchase, provided that you have ordered the product from the brand’s official website. You will start collecting more points as you keep buying from them while using the same account every time.



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