How Cannabis Can Liven Up Your Halloween Celebrations

Halloween Pumpkin

Are you thinking of hosting a 420 Halloween party this year? Though many state lawmakers have yet to act on the rising public support for recreational cannabis, people who live where it’s legal to share a joint with friends or snack on some edibles should grab this opportunity!

Imagine how riveting it will be to tell spooky stories while in a “smoke circle.” Or, if you’re up for some thrill, explore a haunted spot after chewing on cannabis gummies. Those who want a lowkey affair may also find horror films more immersive after dabbing or vaping.

No matter your idea of the best Halloween night, we’ve got a handful of ideas to make your celebrations extra festive, fun, and frightful. We shall also cover some concerns you might have about mixing cannabis and your favorite Halloween traditions, as well as some helpful tips on how to stay safe and responsible throughout the night.

The Best Halloween + Cannabis Ideas to Try

The spookiest night of the year is fast approaching. If you’re searching for ways to elevate the experience through your favorite cannabis strains and products, check out our five ideas below:

Infuse Halloween dishes with cannabis oils or canna-butter

Whether you’re the host or a pot-luck party-goer, consider whipping up something in the kitchen that can get people high. We shared some easy yet tasty recipes you can try here, or you may also go for your signature dishes infused with THC or CBD. Just remember to use a precise dosage to avoid unfortunate incidences later on.

Try your hand at making jack-o-lantern bongs or dab rigs

Pinterest contains numerous guides and photos of pumpkins transformed into bongs or dab rigs. It’s practically like you’re carving a jack-o-lantern, but with the added twist care of smoking or dabbing accessories. Complete this 420 arts and crafts project by consulting the local dispensary for their recommended strains this Halloween.

Head to cannabis-themed Halloween events

Though most states do not allow public consumption of marijuana, many are open to permitting special events wherein cannabis takes center stage. For example, Cannabition in Las Vegas features art installations where you can take photos of various cannabis-inspired creations and pose while wearing your Halloween costume.

Book a room in a “haunted” cannabis-friendly hotel

As the legalization movement spreads across the country, more accommodations welcome cannabis fans. Boutique hotels are known for their thematic stylings; some embrace the theatrics when Halloween rolls by. Reserve a room or join the party they will be holding. Don’t forget to bring your costume and cannabis supplies for maximum enjoyment.

Take a Halloween-themed cannabis bus tour

 Cannatourism is the future of recreational marijuana. Forward-thinking cities have permitted cannabis bus tours to go around the area to educate and show tourists where to get the best weed and other cannabis products. Some bus tour companies offer fantastic discounts during this time of the year, so call ahead and inquire about their Halloween deals.

Go for a virtual 420 Halloween party

The restrictions on face-to-face social gatherings might have eased up in many areas, but that doesn’t mean virtual parties are no longer a thing. It’s part of the new normal, and cannabis can help make this activity enjoyable, even if you’re all far apart. For example, host a streaming party while getting stoned. Share links to scary stories, photos, or clips. Invite your friends from other states or countries to join in on the fun.  

Is Cannabis a Threat to Trick-or-Treating?

Before Halloween last year, the Attorneys General from Arkansas, Connecticut, New York, and Ohio raised their apprehensions about the possibility of “THC-laced” edibles being handed out to unsuspecting children. Some experts believe this is another so-called “Halloween sadism.” Professor Joel Best from the University of Delaware gathered media coverage and police reports about this myth but found no substantial evidence supporting these scares.

Nonetheless, many parents and other concerned citizens believe the myths surrounding the Halloween candies that are supposedly “contaminated” with cannabis. To dispel your fears, here are the three reasons this won’t be a cause to stop your child from trick or treating:

Cannabis edibles are more expensive than their regular counterparts

THC or CBD products cost more than similar goods in the market. That’s because only a limited amount of harvested cannabis falls within the legal limits of the federal government, and the subsequent process to obtain the extracts can be costly, depending on the equipment used. Add in the fees charged by reputable product testing labs.

In the end, a small pack of gummies that would usually be sold for $1 will be around 20 times more expensive if they are infused with cannabis. While some malicious people would go to extra lengths to inflict harm, the mere price tag of edibles can be pretty effective in dissuading the majority from such attempts.

Some states prohibit edibles from taking forms that are enticing to children

Colorado legislators passed a bill in 2017 prohibiting companies from selling cannabis edibles that children can easily mistake as their favorite sweets. That’s why THC or CBD gummies from multiple brands appear in generic forms, like cubes or disks, instead of the conventional bear-like shapes. The scope of the ban also includes edibles that look like fruits, people, or other animals.

Edibles are packed differently than Halloween sweets

Various states that permit the manufacturing, distribution, possession, and/or consumption of cannabis have imposed their respective guidelines on how such products should be packaged.

For example, in California, manufacturers cannot imitate the packaging of popular candy brands. The labels should also not use the word “candy” or any similar term. Edibles must also be placed in opaque containers that will show signs of tampering immediately. If it contains more than one serving, it has to be resealable but child-resistant.

Some Safety Reminders to Keep in Mind

It’s all fun and games until someone ends up in the hospital or jail. To enjoy the festivities without putting yourself or others at serious risk, pay attention to the following tips:

Label the cannabis-infused food and beverages

Whether your 420 Halloween spread features edibles only or is mixed with regular food and drinks, you should always place labels indicating the name or a brief list of ingredients or allergens for each item. Doing so will prevent anyone from accidentally consuming cannabis or something they’re allergic to. There are plenty of customizable Halloween label templates you can download for free if you don’t want to settle for plain ones for your party.

As much as possible, cannabis-infused treats should only be served at adult-only celebrations. The Halloween THC candy scare might not have much basis, but it’s best to stay on the safe side when there are kids involved. For those who can’t help it, we suggest storing the edibles in childproof containers to keep the young from mistaking them for their favorite sweets.

Exercise moderation when consuming liquor and cannabis

Studies show that taking cannabis after imbibing alcoholic drinks can lead to more potent psychoactive effects. Some experts refer to this condition as “crossfaded high.” This can manifest in different ways since we respond differently to cannabinoids. People who are both drunk and stoned might end up feeling carefree and euphoric—a state that is not inherently bad but can lead to poor decisions or accidents.

On the other hand, some people end up suffering the adverse effects of marijuana and alcohol. Some feel dizzy and nauseous, while paranoia, hallucinations, or delusions characterize extreme cases. Either way, crossfaded high can end your Halloween celebrations prematurely, so be extra careful when combining cannabis with alcohol. 

Teach children the safe trick-or-treating practices

Regardless of your stance on “THC-laced Halloween treats,” you should take the time to educate kids about what is safe to accept. For example, many parents discourage anything that is not in its original packaging. Because of the uncertainty of the source, some also do not allow children to take homemade sweets or fresh fruits.

Of course, it’s always best if you can accompany the little ones while they are exploring the area. Many children want to experience this Halloween tradition on their own, though. In that case, you should try to stay close by nevertheless and inspect carefully what they have gathered before they can reap the spoils of their adventure.

Assign a dedicated area for smoking or vaping

If you’re planning a Halloween party, look for a room or secluded area in your house or the venue where cannabis smokers or vapers can use. Not everyone is okay being exposed to second-hand smoke, and driving out the smell will be easier after the festivities.

In case you are attending a party instead, ask the host in advance if smoking or vaping will be allowed during the event. Don’t simply assume that it will be so that you won’t disrespect anyone and spoil the fun.

Use personal hygiene supplies as necessary

Though the world is recovering from the global pandemic, many people want to feel some semblance of normalcy again by hosting or attending parties. This Halloween, we can take extra precautionary measures by having on-hand the necessary supplies or tools that will allow us to share a joint or eat an edible without fearing for our health.

For example, consider using glass tips when smoking or vaping with your fellow Halloween party-goers. Wash your hands or apply hand sanitizer before grabbing an edible. Having a pack of sanitary wipes in your bag may also come in handy, regardless of how you prefer partaking in cannabis. 

Refrain from driving a car or riding a motorcycle

We all know that cannabis can alter the mind and impair our motor skills. Even if you don’t feel like you’re stoned, don’t operate a vehicle on your own or with a company. Aside from violating the rules against driving under the influence, there’s also a significant risk of getting into an accident while on the road.

Call a cab or ask a sober person to take you to your destination if you’re traveling alone. Being in a group will give you more choices. You may request someone to be the designated driver or book rideshare for a more economical option.

Are You Ready for a 420 Halloween Night?

The benefits of THC and CBD go beyond your health and wellness. When used responsibly, cannabis can enhance the way we celebrate special days and festivities.

Since high-quality weed or CBD products can eat up a large portion of your budget, check out the online sellers or the local dispensaries for great deals and Halloween-themed goods. Look for discount codes or buy in bulk for your party or to share around with your fellow Halloween enthusiasts.



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