Cooking With CBD – A Short Beginners Guide

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There shouldn’t be much surprise that cooking with CBD is more of a common practice today than in years past. With the CBD industry growing rapidly right now, there are numerous different ways that you can enjoy CBD.

Cooking with CBD is just one of those ways, and it opens so many doors to delicious recipes and ways that you can take your CBD. You can make a nice, simple cup of tea or coffee, or go as complex as making a chicken fajita dinner with your CBD.

All of this (and more!) is possible in expanding your culinary expertise by spicing it up (no pun intended) with a little CBD. 

Ready to learn? Well, don’t let me stop you, let’s dive right in!

How to Cook With CBD

When you are cooking with CBD, it’s not really as easy as just dropping in a CBD tincture into your meal or drink.

There are a few things you have to keep in mind, and a few different steps that you need to take. Let’s go over some of these now.

Adding CBD Oil

Ok, so like I said: don’t just add oil into your food or drink or add it directly to heat.

Also, good news: you don’t even need to use your expensive CBD oil! Many of the expert CBD chefs will tell you to cook with CBD-infused olive oil instead.

The olive oil that has the CBD already infused is ready to be cooked with. We will talk about how you need to handle the heat next.

Be Aware of the Heat You’re Using

If you are going to use the CBD olive oil, then your cooking experience will be much easier. Even in its olive oil form, you still do not want to add it directly to the heat. In order to remain the integrity of the plant compounds. 

Think of it as if you were putting the icing on your cake, you wouldn’t start with your icing, you put it on last to top it off!

Be Mindful of Intake

The cooking aspect aside, you need to be mindful of how much CBD you are using in your creations. On one hand, there are no reports of it being possible to overdose on CBD, you still don’t want to add too much CBD, because there can still be some side effects like stomach pains, fatigue, dry mouth etc.

All that to say, just be careful with how much CBD you add. If you are a CBD novice, try to use as little as possible 

Tips for Cooking With CBD

Here I’ll give you a few nice and simple tips to help you get started with cooking with CBD 

  • Use CBD Olive-oil rather than expensive tinctures
  • Use small amounts of CBD when you are starting out
  • Use fatty foods to help the CBD maintain its full effect
  • You can add oil into simple things like smoothies or salad dressings
  • Don’t directly heat your cbd oil in a pan or otherwise

Easy CBD Recipes to Get Started

If you aren’t aware, we actually have a CBD recipe section here at TheCBDGuru! Some of our authors share their favorite recipes in various different categories.

Here are a few of our favorite recipes that have been shared:

Frequently Asked Questions About Cooking with CBD

Here we will cover a few of the most frequently asked questions we get from our readers about cooking with CBD.

Does cooking with CBD actually work?

Yes! As long as you follow the procedures I have laid out here in the blog post, you will have no problem getting started. You might not see immediate results or get the effects from your first time cooking with CBD, but that’s completely normal. 

Make sure you don’t add it directly to heat and you will be fine. It take some time for CBD to really take effect, so be patient, especially if you are a newbie to the CBD world.

How much CBD do I add to my recipe?

This question will vary for different people. Ultimately it will come down to your tolerance level and the quality of the CBD you plan to use. For example, there is a huge difference between CBD you can buy at a gas station vs high-quality CBD bought from a trusted retailer such as Charlotte’s Web.

My advice is to always start small with your CBD if you are unsure and work you way up as you start to become more familiar with how it affects you personally. 

Wrap Up

Hopefully this brief little guide has helped you understand what you need to know about cooking with CBD, and has given you the inspiration to give it a try!
If you aren’t sure about what CBD to get for your recipes, I would recommend starting at our best products page to find the highest rated CBD products on the market today.



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