CBD for Women’s Health: What Are Women Using CBD For?

CBD for women's health

It’s not just men who are enthralled with the many benefits of CBD. Women are finding that CBD can benefit them and their health as well. Women all across the globe are catching on to the benefits that CBD can have specifically for women.

Many of us are aware that CBD is used by millions of people for things like pain and inflammation. CBD has become a part of so many people’s daily routines because it has helped them regain a sense of normalcy in their lives.

We will look at a few ways that CBD may specifically be beneficial for women. And we will also look at other ways that women may be able to benefit from CBD, even if it may not be exclusive to women.

Ways That CBD Is Being Used By Women

CBD for Skin Care

You don’t have to look around very hard to realize that products for skin care is a huge market. You see all kinds of ads online and beauty products can be found in just about every store you go to. Skin care and beauty products for women are everywhere.

CBD-infused skin care products are a more recent trend in the beauty industry. CBD is now being used in skin care products for a variety of reasons. There are all sorts of CBD topicals available such as face creams, lotions, and even CBD infused face masks. 

There is even evidence that CBD may help treat acne. CBD is known to help with inflammation. CBD topicals can help to reduce inflammation and redness of acne and has also been shown to help regulate oil production from glands. Women are also using CBD products to help with skin rashes and things like psoriasis and eczema.

CBD for Menopause

Just so we are clear, CBD is not going to take away all of your menopause symptoms. It may absolutely help to manage some of the symptoms but it’s not going to take them all away.

A few of the main issues with menopause are changes in your mood and not sleeping well at night. CBD can help to alleviate both of these symptoms. 

One major symptom during menopause is the interrupted sleep that women encounter. It’s a nuisance and it can actually impact your daily life. Not getting enough sleep is never a good thing. When you are dealing with extra stress and hormonal changes it makes it even worse.

Oftentimes lack of sleep can be attributed to feelings of anxiety during menopause. Waking up with a busy mind during menopause is a common symptom for women. CBD can help to reduce the feelings of anxiety and in turn is able to help women sleep better.

CBD for Hormonal Imbalance

Being able to better regulate hormonal imbalance is a great help for women. One hormone CBD may specifically be able to help regulate is cortisol. Cortisol is the hormone that regulates blood pressure, controls your sleep cycle, and manages your fight or flight instincts. 

If your cortisol hormones get out of whack it can really throw your body off. Increased levels of cortisol can trick your body into thinking there is additional stress which puts you in a heightened state of mind.

CBD may be able to help regulate and control the secretion of cortisol and thus help to keep you more calm. Full spectrum CBD will also contain other omega fatty acids that are also known to help regulate hormones.

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

There have been a few studies done that do show that CBD seems to lessen symptoms of PMS for women. Maybe the more convincing evidence is the many women who are currently using CBD that swear it helps them with symptoms of PMS.

CBD helps lessen inflammation and pain, both of which are a large part of PMS for many women. CBD helps to alleviate bloating and cramps as well. Many women are using CBD oil or CBD capsules during PMS. Others are turning to a more targeted approach by using CBD suppositories.

On top of helping to relieve painful symptoms of PMS, CBD also plays a critical role in helping to manage mood behavior during PMS.

Is CBD Safe for Women

CBD is absolutely safe for women to use. One thing to be careful of is to make sure you are paying attention to other ingredients in the CBD products you are using. We highly recommend sticking to all-natural products as much as possible.

If you are pregnant or are nursing then you need to be extra careful. Our recommendation would be to consult with a doctor before taking any CBD supplements if you are pregnant or nursing. You will find different opinions as to whether it is safe. We are not medical professionals and it would be best to make an informed decision after doing research and discussing with your doctor.

Are There Any Side Effects

It is possible for women to experience some side effects from taking CBD. However, many women don’t experience any side effects of CBD, and if they do they are most often mild. Here are few side effects that women may experience when taking CBD:

  • Dry mouth
  • Drowsiness
  • Fatigue
  • Reduced appetite
  • Diarrhea

Again, not all women experience negative side effects from CBD. Oftentimes women report no negative side effects or very mild symptoms. In general, CBD is considered to be very safe for women to use.

You do not have to worry about getting in trouble for using CBD. CBD is legal in the United States as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC. All reputable CBD brands selling products in the US should have lab testing results available for their products. You can easily verify the amount of THC in each product you are buying.

In the United States, the CBD laws can also vary by state so it is important to check your local and state laws as well. Other countries have, of course, set their own rules and regulations surrounding CBD. Many of these countries also have different rules depending on the state or province you are in. Carefully looking into the legal status of CBD in your specific location is very important.

Concluding Thoughts

CBD is useful for everyone but women are finding that CBD can be especially helpful for them. Women’s bodies experience things that men simply do not deal with. For this reason CBD can be helpful for women as it specifically addresses some of the unique needs that women face.

Before starting a CBD regimen we recommend talking it over with your doctor. Making an informed decision about whether CBD is right for you is an important decision. It would be best to take all things into consideration before starting to use CBD. 

Thankfully, CBD is safe. It is easily accessible and it is easy to use. The potential for side effects is very low so depending on your situation the risk of trying CBD is generally very low. The benefits that you could experience from CBD could be life changing.



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