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Kids are such a blessing. But that doesn’t mean that raising your children is easy. Some days are going to be especially difficult and others will seem like you have it all under control. Some days you just feel like you need help to make it through.

Moms literally do it all. There is no job description for being a good mom. You have no choice but to handle everything that life (and your kids) throw at you. Sometimes the craziness that we call life can be a lot to handle by yourself. Sometimes a little extra boost to make it through your day or night is just what the mom in your life needs.

If you are not a mom then you would likely have a difficult time fathoming all of the different ways you are being pulled each and every day. These challenges will change as your kids go through different stages. But what doesn’t change is the stress that comes with those various challenges. Maybe you think being a mom can’t be that difficult…well you would be wrong. Here are just a few challenges that moms face on a daily basis.

Daily Challenges That Moms Face

  1. Anxiety and stress – If you have kids then you can appreciate how much responsibility they are. I mean, as a mom, you are tasked with keeping these kids out of harms way and alive. On top of that you have to actually take care of them, keep the household running, run them to appointments, keep your own busy schedule, pay the bills and the list goes on. Life can sometimes feel extremely overwhelming.
  2. Noise pollution – If you have multiple children to care for then you probably know what I’m talking about. If you live in a small space with multiple children then I guarantee you’ve experienced too much non-stop noise to the point where you can’t really think and all you want to do is yell. At least I don’t think I’m the only one that feels that way sometimes?
  3. Inability to focus – Between all of these things going on it can feel almost impossible to formulate logical thoughts or to think through any issues. 
  4. Lack of sleep – Not getting enough sleep is kinda like icing on the cake for all of the other issues that moms are dealing with. You put all of these things together on a daily basis and then add in not being able to get restful sleep at night and it’s just a bad combination. Restful sleep is important for everyone but it’s even more critical for busy moms. 
  5. Muscle and joint pain – We’ve all been there at one time or another. Maybe you thought it would be a good idea to start working out and you wake up the next day and have a hard time getting out of bed. Or you were out playing hide and seek and twisted your ankle out in the yard. Life can be painful and can keep you from enjoying your children and enjoying life.

Why Moms Should Consider CBD

We’ve looked at only some of the daily struggles that moms face each and every day. Being a good mom is the hardest job in the world and we haven’t even really scratched the surface of how difficult it really is. 

The challenges that we mentioned would be difficult enough if the rest of life was easygoing. But we all know that life doesn’t work that way. We have other relationships with family, friends, work, church, and neighbors that are complicated.

On top of that, the world is just stressful in general. Politics are a mess and people can’t seem to get along well. It’s one thing after another. So can CBD really help moms to actually be better moms? Let’s take a look at what some of the best CBD products can offer.

  1. CBD can help you feel more calm and relaxed. This is one of the main reasons that moms decide to try CBD in the first place. Moms in general need to be able to take a breath and relax in the midst of the craziness that they call life. Raising kids is hard. Period. Being able to not feel like your world is out of control will definitely help you be a better mom. Anxiety is a major hurdle for many moms and CBD has been shown to ease stress and anxiety.
  2. CBD can help you focus on the task at hand. Have you ever sat down to do something and you just kep getting distracted or interrupted? It can really throw you off and if you are trying to do something important it can be extremely frustrating as well. That’s basically what a mom deals with every single day. Multiple times a day. There are many CBD products available that are specifically designed to help calm your mind and increase your ability to focus.
  3. CBD can help you sleep. The importance of restful sleep for a mom cannot be overstated. I dare say the vast majority of moms have been sleep deprived to some degree at some point in their motherhood journey. It literally impacts every aspect of your life when you are not getting enough good sleep. This is another area where CBD can be incredibly beneficial to moms. CBD sleep products not only can help you sleep but they can help calm your mind and reduce the feelings of anxiety from your busy life.
  4. CBD can help ease aches and pains. Aches and pains seem to be just a part of life as we start to get older. Moms in particular can’t afford to be slowed down by these types of ailments. Keeping up with life is hard enough but keeping up with life and kids requires everything you can muster. CBD oils and CBD topicals have been especially helpful to many moms when it comes to reducing pain.

Is CBD Safe for Moms to Use?

The good news is that CBD is generally considered completely safe to use. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to fully trust the CBD brand you are using. We highly recommend only buying CBD products from reputable CBD brands. These companies utilize vigorous testing procedures to make sure their products are completely safe.

We have heard too many stories of late about people buying ‘CBD products’ from a local mom and pop shop. Some of these unlucky customers have actually found themselves very ill because these products have not been fully vetted and are not safe. Please do not make the same mistake for your sake and for that of your family.

Nursing mothers should also be extra careful about any substance they are thinking of taking. CBD is safe but if you are still nursing your child then please seek additional counsel about whether starting CBD is right for you at this time. Seeking advice from a medical professional about CBD use can be beneficial but should especially be considered for nursing mothers.

What Types of CBD Products are Best for Moms?

Moms who are just starting out with CBD are always curious about what types of CBD products they should start with. Some of the top considerations they normally have are safety(of course), being discrete, ease of use, taste, and price. To be honest these are very common amongst most CBD users, not just mothers.

We’ve addressed safety already. But if you stick with one of our recommended CBD brands and products you have nothing to worry about there. So any product from any of our recommendations will fit the bill.

Being discrete about using CBD is something we hear often. Not that moms should be ashamed of using CBD in any way. But sometimes it’s just nice not to have your kids asking ‘what are you doing, mom’. In this case, CBD gummies are a great option for moms. It’s literally like taking your vitamins so it’s very natural.

Products that are easy to use are extremely important for a busy mom. Let’s be honest if something feels difficult or complicated in any way you are less likely to use it. Here again CBD gummies really shine. You already know the exact dose you are taking in each gummy and all you have to do is chew and swallow it.

Taste is something that is really important to some and not so much for others. If you like the natural flavor of hemp then a natural CBD oil might be the way to go. If that is not your cup of tea there are many great flavors of CBD oil available as well. CBD gummies are also available in various flavors and you will feel like you are eating a flavorful gummy vitamin.

For most moms, price is definitely going to be a concern. You want the most value for your money and buying something like CBD is no different. Shopping around is vital as companies sometimes run special deals and sales that can save you money. Something else to look for is free shipping options and also subscription discounts. Subscriptions can be useful once you find a product you really like because they can save you big money!

Final Thoughts from The CBD Guru

If you are a mom and are new to CBD then taking the first step of trying it can seem like a big hurdle. If nothing else it’s going to cost you some money upfront to get started and that is something that some moms just can’t get past.

We believe if more moms were willing to give CBD a try they would really start to see and understand the benefits of CBD for moms. We want to help you on your journey to finding that perfect CBD product that works well for you. But we want you to feel completely comfortable without feeling pressured to give it a shot. 

We would encourage you to do your research and make an informed decision. We have many resources at The CBD Guru to help you do that. Once you are confident that you want to give it a try we would love to help you find the perfect CBD.



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