CBD for Joint Pain and Arthritis Relief

CBD for arthritis joint pain

If you are someone who experiences arthritis pain or you just have creaky joints that are causing pain and discomfort then you are probably searching for a cure. It would be worth your time to read about using CBD for arthritis and joint pain. 

Arthritis and joint pain can be absolutely devastating. Not only physically, but it can drain the life right out of you mentally as well. Having aches and pains all of the time keeps you from living life and doing the things you want to do. It’s downright depressing.

If you have been there then you understand the need to try to find something that will help to relieve your joint pain and allow you to function at a somewhat normal level. A lot of people swear by CBD when it comes to relieving joint pain and inflammation from arthritis. But you don’t want to just buy any old CBD product. We want to help you find the best CBD products that are right for you.

Best CBD Products for Arthritis and Joint Pain

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CBDMEDIC Arthritis Ointment

  • FDA Approved
  • All natural ingredients
  • Deep rub ointment to alleviate joint aches and pains
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Pachamama Natural CBD Oil

  • All natural formula
  • Full-spectrum CBD
  • Available in 750mg or 1750mg CBD formulas
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Joy Organics Softgels with Curcumin

  • Specially formulated to support joint health
  • 25mg broad-spectrum CBD in each capsule
  • Zero THC

CBDMedic should be one of your go to CBD brands if you are looking for pain relief. This is not your standard CBD brand. The reason is that CBD is actually an inactive ingredient in CBDMEDIC products. They are also able to make actual medical claims about their products. They have been given the authority to do so by the FDA.

Yes, they are still considered a CBD brand. They have recently been purchased by Charlotte’s Web, one of the most well-known CBD brands on the market today. 

This arthritis and joint pain relief ointment is specifically designed to help calm aches and pains in your joints. It is a deep-rub ointment so all you need to do is rub the ointment into your skin right where you need the relief. 

The ointment does contain 200mg CBD but the main active ingredients are Camphor and Menthol. These work together to provide a cool and pain relieving ointment that is proven to work. It is ideal for arthritis and joint pain in your elbows, knees, hands, hips, knees and torso.

This is a fantastic product for very targeted pain relief from arthritis. Probably the best solution is to use this and couple it with using CBD oil or CBD capsules daily for even better pain relief.

Pachamama CBD is a premium CBD brand that is focused on quality and providing the cleanest and purest CBD possible. They want everyone to experience CBD just how Mother Earth intended it.

Pachamama Natural CBD oil is made from full-spectrum hemp extract. They believe the power of the hemp plant only reaches its full potential when as much of the plant as possible is being utilized. This means that it does contain some THC but it is less than 0.3%. The only other ingredient in the CBD oil is MCT Coconut oil being used as the carrier oil. Pure, simple, and effective.

There is a 750mg formula as well as a 1750mg CBD formula that you can choose from. Each bottle contains 1 fluid ounce so the concentrations of each formula are different. Sometimes you will see companies just double the size of the container. That is not the case here with Pachamama CBD.

If you have not experienced Pachamama CBD products then we highly recommend you give them a try. We will be honest, they are not the cheapest brand out there. But you would be hard pressed to find better quality CBD products for the money.

Joy Organics is a growing CBD brand that is run by Joy and her family and makes their employees and customers feel like part of that family as well. 

Joy Organics products are made in the USA from US grown hemp. They are a broad spectrum formula which means they do not contain THC but  you still get all of the benefits of the other minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids from the hemp plant. 

These CBD capsules are specifically formulated to promote joint health because they contain Curcumin. If you are not familiar, Curcumin is a natural compound that is found tin turmeric. Curcumin has been a staple for thousands of years used by people to support and maintain healthy joints.

Each CBD capsule contains 25mg of CBD. It’s a good amount to start with and you can easily scale up from there if you prefer to have more CBD.

Joy Organics products are tested by a third party lab, come with a money back guarantee, and they offer free shipping as well.

What Is CBD

Maybe you’ve been thinking about trying CBD but have hesitated because you weren’t really sure what CBD is. There has been a lot of misinformation about CBD over the past few years. Some of that is because CBD is derived from industrial hemp, which is a relative of the marijuana plant.

CBD has been lumped into cannabis and marijuana and is sometimes viewed negatively because of people’s hesitancy about marijuana, especially THC. We want to reassure you that CBD is much different from marijuana and legal CBD does not contain very much, if any THC. 

CBD actually stands for cannabidiol. It is simply one of many naturally-occurring compounds that is found in the cannabis Sativa plant. Most CBD that you see today from the best CBD brands is extracted from industrial hemp. The reason for that is because CBD is found in much higher concentrations in industrial hemp as opposed to trying to extract it from marijuana. There is also a much lower concentration of THC in industrial hemp.

As part of the 2018 Farm Bill CBD was made legal on a federal level in the United States. That does not mean that laws regarding CBD are the same everywhere in the country. Each individual state still has the authority to enact its own laws surrounding CBD. It is absolutely necessary to research and understand the laws in whatever location you are in. This is especially true when traveling outside of the US.

You will find similar situations in some other countries when it comes to laws about CBD. CBD laws in Canada, for instance, do vary depending on which province you are in. If you are trying to buy CBD online in India you will also have to know laws for each territory as they can also differ.

How Safe Is CBD? Any Side Effects?

There can be downsides to almost any type of treatment for joint pain or arthritis pain. CBD is different from many in that it is a natural treatment. There are some possible downsides but CBD is very well tolerated in most people and side effects are normally mild, if you experience any negative side effects at all.

Some things to keep an eye out for would be feeling sleep or drowsy, dry mouth, and possibly feeling a bit lightheaded. It is possible for CBD to interact with some medications. It is a good idea to consult with your doctor before starting a CBD regimen. The potential of getting addicted to CBD is considered to be very low and you don’t have to worry about overdosing on CBD.

Can CBD Really Help With Joint Pain and Arthritis

Probably the most convincing evidence that CBD can help with arthritis and joint pain comes from testimonials and anecdotal evidence. If you look around on the internet and on forums you will have no shortage of examples of people who swear by CBD for pain relief and pain management. 

CBD oil is probably the most popular but there people are also using CBD capsules and CBD topicals for arthritis pain as well. 

There are some studies available on how CBD has impacted people with osteoarthritis or who have pain and inflammation. If you look at them objectively they do seem to point towards CBD being a helpful way to reduce joint pain and arthritis pain. But these studies have not shown conclusive scientific evidence and documentation to show this.

We have seen firsthand the positive effects of CBD on arthritis. We have also heard from a large number of readers of The CBD Guru who believe in it as well. CBD use continues to increase so there are obviously millions of people who are experiencing positive benefits from CBD as well. Otherwise, they would not continue to spend their hard-earned money each month.

Should I Go With Broad-Spectrum, Full-Spectrum, or CBD Isolates?

This is a good question and will come down to some personal preference but we will give you some guidance on the differences between full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolates.

Full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD products are extracted from hemp and utilize the vast majority of the natural compounds found in the hemp. This would include minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

The biggest difference between full-spectrum and broad spectrum CBD is that the broad-spectrum formula does not contain THC. It goes through a further refinement process that strips it of all THC. While the full-spectrum product can legally contain up to 0.3% THC.

The benefit of broad-spectrum, and especially full-spectrum CBD, are the compounds of the hemp plant working together to form what is called the Entourage Effect. Many people believe that CBD alone is very good, but when it is coupled with the full power of natural compounds found in the hemp plant it becomes exponentially better. That is why many CBD users prefer a full-spectrum product.

Broad spectrum would be considered a close second and a good alternative if you do not want any THC. Broad spectrum is also a popular option for those who may be subjected to a drug test for their job. It is possible to trip a drug test using full-spectrum CBD products which is a big reason why some people shy away from full-spectrum CBD.

CBD Isolate is basically just CBD in its purest form. It is stripped of all of the other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that are found in the hemp plant. It goes through a rigorous refinement process so that it is 99+% CBD.

Our Final Thoughts

If you have joint pain and arthritis pain there is a high probability that it’s not going to get better on its own. That means that you are likely to have less mobility and even more pain as time goes on unless you do something about it.

Nobody wants to be in constant pain and not be able to live life to the fullest. You can choose to go down the path of traditional medication for joint pain. That has worked for many people but it sometimes comes with some potentially serious side effects. Especially when you are talking about long term use.

Natural options to reduce pain and inflammation are becoming more and more popular of late. People feel better about putting natural substances in their bodies and they often come with fewer and less severe side effects.

CBD is one of the best options to help treat joint pain and arthritis pain. Millions of people have experienced the benefits of reduced inflammation and reduced pain from daily using CBD. One of the great parts about it is that CBD is a natural compound and has very few side effects. In fact, many people don’t experience any negative side effects of CBD at all.



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