Best CBD Companies That Offer Free Shipping in the US

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If you are looking for the best CBD products then you would probably like to find the best CBD deals as well. Finding top-notch CBD can seem like a difficult task but finding those products at the best prices is even tougher. 

Something that always helps us to be more willing to try new products is when a CBD company offers free shipping options. Fast and free shipping is a perk that all of us love to take advantage of any time we can.

We have compiled a list of some of the best CBD brands out there that also offer free shipping to the United States. Unless you have found a special promotion most of these brands require you to hit a certain order value before offering free shipping. The dollar values are generally reasonable and in our opinion, it is well worth it to gain the free shipping option. At we only recommend brands that we believe in so we have full confidence that you will have a good shopping experience regardless of which CBD brand you decide to try.

How Much Do I Have to Spend to Get Free Shipping 

Well, it depends on which CBD brand you decide to go with. On top of that, you may find that the order threshold may change from time to time. The only way to really know how much you will have to spend to get free shipping on your CBD items is to check the manufacturer’s websites often.

There are some CBD brands out there offering free shipping on all products regardless of how much you spend. Our favorite is probably Five CBD. It is an innovative CBD brand with great products and a great reputation amongst the many consumers that have tried Five CBD.

In general, we have found the standard order amounts for free shipping to range from the $50 to $75 range. This means that your total order amount for products in your shopping cart would need to meet those specific dollar values in order to qualify for free shipping.

Admittedly, we would love to see these dollar amounts lowered, or even done away with altogether, just as much as you would. After all, we love to try various CBD brands and CBD products as we continue to share our thoughts with our readers.

When you get right down to it these minimum order amounts to qualify for free shipping really aren’t very high. It’s true that you couldn’t just buy a small sampling of CBD bath salts or even low-dose CBD gummies to hit the minimum order amount. But if you ordered those two items together you could get to the $50 mark. 

Or, if you are an avid CBD user already, you are probably looking at CBD products that contain higher doses of CBD. The more CBD that each item contains the more expensive it becomes. If you are buying CBD items with more CBD then you already know that it won’t take long to reach these minimum order amounts to get your free shipping.

All Free Shipping Methods Are Not the Same

The actual shipping method is something that you might want to look at a little more closely when you are considering a brand that says they are offering free shipping. What do we mean by that?

For instance, many of the brands offering ‘free shipping’ on CBD products will use USPS. That’s because in many cases it is the cheapest and most convenient way for them to ship the products. Unfortunately, in many cases, it also tends to be the method that takes the longest to get to the consumer. Anymore a 3-7 day transit time from USPS is not at all uncommon. That could add a whole week or more to your order.

There are a few CBD companies out there that will utilize FedEx which will allow you to receive your products in 2-3 days. If you aren’t in a hurry maybe you don’t mind waiting a week or more for your order. But most of us are used to getting our merchandise within a few days so waiting a week seems a bit excessive. Readers that we have talked to have had very good luck with the free shipping option from cbdMD because they use FedEx instead of USPS.

Is Free Shipping Worth It

This may seem like a silly question but it can actually be a valid point to consider. Most of the free shipping CBD offers out there require a minimum order amount threshold to be met. For instance, if you spend at least $75 they will ship your products for free. 

That’s great, but what if you don’t really need or want to spend the $75. What if you only want to buy something for $45 from their website. Should you consider spending another $30 just to get free shipping?

If you know and have plans to utilize the extra CBD product in the near future then it absolutely makes sense to bundle your order together to save on the shipping. On the other hand, the free shipping offer is an up-sell model for CBD companies. If you are unsure whether you want the extra product then it’s best to only buy what you need in the beginning. 

Consider Looking Into CBD Subscriptions for More Free Shipping

If you are someone who has a CBD brand that you are loyal to or has a certain product that just works for you then you should consider looking into a CBD subscription. Most of the top CBD companies are offering sizable discounts if you are willing to subscribe to have a product shipped to you on a monthly basis. 

Not only are these companies offering discounted prices on subscriptions but most of the time you will find that you will also receive free shipping on top of a discounted price. 

If you find yourself regularly ordering a certain product it would be in your best interest to check into how much you could save if you signed up for a prescription. In our experience, it is common to see savings anywhere from 15-30% if you opt into a subscription. So it can be well worth it in the end especially when you consider the free shipping that you will receive on top of that.

Final Thoughts from The CBD Guru

Fast, free shipping is always nice but how important should it really be when making a decision about which CBD products and CBD brands to try? In the end that is something that only you can decide on for yourself. 

While we love to get free shipping the first step we recommend is to find a CBD brand that you can trust. The CBD Guru has already done a lot of work for you in that regard so you are in the right place. 

Once you have narrowed it down to a few brands that you trust then start looking at individual CBD products that you would like to try. If free shipping is an option then of course you should try to take advantage of that and save as much money as possible. Once you find a group of products that works for you then we highly recommend checking into a subscription for those products. This will gain you a discounted price and, in most cases, free shipping as well.



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