7 Amazing CBD Facts You Should Know

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CBD and its uses, properties, and benefits have slowly been taking the spotlight ever since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill that allowed for the legal cultivation of hemp along with the production of its byproducts.

And why wouldn’t they? With so many different types of products available on the (virtual) shelves, consumers with a wide variety of needs can get exactly what they want. 

But how well do you know CBD? A lot of this depends on what you consider to be “general knowledge” about CBD. For many, this can simply mean that you know it exists. For others, it could be knowing that CBD isn’t mind-altering like its cousin, THC.

Whatever your knowledge level is on CBD, there are some amazing CBD facts that you should know about, regardless of whether it’s common knowledge or a little-known fun fact.

7 Amazing CBD Facts

This list would be endless if we chose to write about all the amazing things that CBD can do. Instead, we narrowed down 7 amazing CBD facts that you may or may not already know:

  • CBD is only one of more than 100 cannabinoids found in cannabis
  • CBD counteracts the effects of THC
  • There are several methods for administering CBD
  • CBD is pet-friendly
  • It can be traced back to the B.C. era
  • CBD use can be used to help treat cancer
  • CBD use can be used to help treat addiction

If you see something you think we missed, please feel free to reach out to us and provide us with your amazing CBD fact.

1. CBD Is Only One of More than 100 Cannabinoids Found In Cannabis

Although CBD is the primary compound that hemp produces, it’s nowhere close to being the only. And when you factor in both types of cannabis, hemp, and marijuana, CBD is only one of over 100 cannabinoids that can be found.

Some compounds, such as CBD and THC, have undergone a significant amount of scientific research and are well understood by government officials. Others, however, have only recently begun to step into the spotlight. 

Some of the most well-known cannabinoids include:

2. CBD Counteracts the Effects of THC

At this point in CBD’s popularity, it should be common knowledge that it doesn’t get you high. The cannabis compound responsible for that euphoric feeling is THC, and the two have many differences in how they interact with your endocannabinoid system.

In fact, CBD is known to counteract the effects of THC. This includes the less-wanted symptoms that are sometimes associated with marijuana consumption, such as anxiety, paranoia, and memory impairment. 

However, there would be no justice if we didn’t mention the CBD entourage effect. The CBD entourage effect is a theory (sort of) common among both CBD and THC users that claims using the two compounds together strengthen their effects. Not much research has been done to prove this claim, but it’s possible depending on how the compounds interact with different users’ brain receptors.

3. There Are Several Methods for Administering CBD

In case you weren’t aware, there are many more ways to consume CBD than just with a dropper that goes under your tongue. In fact, research and technology continue to develop new ways to administer CBD into your system.

The more difficult situation that consumers are faced with these days is how to choose the right CBD product. Luckily, the different options allow you to pinpoint the type of relief you’re looking for. 

For example, those looking to pinpoint a specific pain point on their body mainly prefer to buy a CBD topical, which allows you to administer the CBD in the form of a cream, or rub. 

There are several different types of CBD products, such as:

  • Tinctures
  • Oils
  • Topicals
  • Edibles
  • Smokables

4. CBD Is Pet-Friendly

Take this one with a grain of salt. Similar to humans, there have been no recorded incidents where a pet was able to consume enough CBD or THC to result in a fatal overdose. However, this doesn’t mean that you should skip the step where you talk to your vet about CBD for your pet first.

In talking to your vet, you’ll be able to discover the ways that CBD pet products have been beneficial for both pets and pet owners. In recent years, they have grown in popularity due to their ability to alleviate stress and anxiety among dogs. 

This has been especially helpful during the 4th of July, where many dog owners struggle to comfort their furry friends during the loud explosions and vibrations in the ground.

5. CBD Use Can Be Traced Back to the B.C. Era

2737 B.C. to be exact. And no, CBD itself was not discovered by humans yet; however, cannabis was already being used for medicinal purposes.

Chinese Emperor Sheng Nung was the first to be recorded using a cannabis tea to help him treat several ailments he was dealing with, such as gout, malaria, rheumatism, and issues with memory.

It can be assumed that this practice was also common among other groups across the world during this time.

6. CBD Can Be Used to Help Treat Cancer

The National Cancer Institute released a study that indicated that both CBD and THC were effective in treating symptoms associated with cancer treatments. The biggest of these symptoms was nausea, which is typically prominent among those undergoing chemotherapy.

CBD also displayed properties that may work to destroy tumor cells, particularly in breast cancer, as it was the focus of the study.

The study states that “CBD inhibited the survival of both estrogen receptor-positive and estrogen receptor-negative breast cancer cell lines, inducing apoptosis in a concentration-dependent manner while having little effect on non tumorigenic mammary cells.”

7. CBD Can Be Used to Help Treat Addiction

There are a lot of nasty drugs out there with extremely addictive qualities. Some people facing and attempting to treat addiction can undergo severe side effects, and at times, death.

This is where CBD has been really helpful over the past few years, especially as the opioid crisis has continued to be a battle across the United States.

In a study conducted by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, it was found that “CBD has been shown to be an agonist of 5-HT1 serotoninergic receptors and to regulate stress response and compulsive behaviors.”

To state it simply, CBD helps block the serotonin receptors that provide a sense of pleasure when using certain drugs. This has been proven effective in helping treat addictions associated with caffeine, nicotine, and painkillers; a piece of knowledge that has led many professional athletes to advocate for CBD. 

Always Learning More

There’s no telling what other amazing CBD facts scientists will uncover as they continue to conduct research and other studies around the subject. And the same goes for cannabis in general. Hemp and marijuana have both been gaining rapid acceptance across the country, especially as more states continue to legalize marijuana for adult recreational use.

This will only urge researchers to begin trials sooner as more consumers gain access to the plants. We are always learning more about cannabis, and 2021 is set to be an extraordinary year for the entire industry.

And as we learn more, we’ll be sure to pass on the knowledge to you. Feel free to subscribe down below, and allow notifications so you can be alerted whenever we post new content.

Thanks for reading, stay safe out there. 



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