Unusual Uses for CBD That You Might Not Have Heard of Before

With the gradual legalization of medical cannabis in the US, researchers and health experts have started to explore the potential benefits of using this as a natural remedy for physical and mental issues. 

Most people tend to associate cannabis with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) because of its reputation for getting people “high”. However, another cannabinoid has piqued the curiosity of cannabis users and scientists alike: cannabidiol or better known as CBD.

Though further studies have to be conducted to establish a solid scientific backing for CBD, some of the initial attempts to break down and understand it has been promising. As such, everyone is keen to continue their pursuit and discover everything that CBD can do to improve our lives. 

It should not come as a surprise then that some people have found uses for CBD that go beyond what you would expect for this natural compound.  Let’s go over these unusual uses for CBD that you probably don’t know yet. 

Regulator for Blood Pressure

A recent study by the American Society for Clinical Investigation shows that CBD may help people suffering from high blood pressure. Those who had taken CBD oil regularly have lower resting rates for their systolic blood pressure.

Furthermore, many CBD users have reported how the natural compound could reduce their anxiety. This is key in regulating blood pressure since it tends to increase when we are in a stressed or tense state. 

Since CBD is both an antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties, some studies suggest that it can also help prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases. 

Pain Relief for Muscles Cramps After Physical Workouts

Many athletes who are not aware of the difference between CBD and its cousin THC choose to stay clear of CBD products. After all, their hard work will go down the drain if their drug test results indicate that they have been getting “stoned” as well. 

The thing is, CBD does not have psychoactive properties. This means that, unlike THC, it will not make you feel “high” after taking a dose. 

Some CBD products do contain THC though. Fortunately, that is usually just an incredibly small amount since the law states that there should not be more than 0.3% of THC in CBD products. 

Given this, athletes and anyone else who suffers from muscle cramps after exercising may benefit from the anti-inflammatory capabilities of CBD. It can effectively reduce the pain and swelling of muscle tissues. The efficiency depends, however, on your chosen CBD product. 

For pain relief, many suggest CBD topical products since they can be directly applied on where it hurts the most. If you’re a regular CBD user, you may also benefit from lesser recovery time from muscle cramps and other body pains. 

Pain Relief for the Feet and Legs After Wearing High Heels

Here’s a trade secret shared by some celebrities who love wearing high-heeled shoes: CBD oil. 

One of the potential benefits of taking CBD is the alleviation of physical pain. When in topical form, it can be extra effective in getting rid of the pain in localized areas. 

CBD also works against inflammation. As such, you would likely feel immediate relief if you apply CBD oil to your swollen feet. 

Though some users claim that CBD oil also possesses a numbing ability, no solid research yet can back up this claim.  

Treatment for Common Skin Conditions

Not all CBD topical products are aimed to provide relief from pain or swelling. Some skincare companies, such as Sephora, have begun developing and releasing product lines that are infused with CBD, too. 

This application of CBD is not a recent discovery though. Old tribal communities in Pakistan have been using CBD to treat acne, eczema, and other common skin conditions. 

The main reasoning behind the effectiveness of such products is the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. Much like swollen and aching muscles, CBD topical products can help treat and reduce the likelihood of getting certain skin diseases. 

Though it has limited supporting evidence as of now, CBD oil is said to be a good way to fight the signs of aging on the skin. Since CBD is considered an effective antioxidant, some use it to enhance their anti-aging skin serums. 

Aid for People with Alzheimer’s Disease

Based on two studies about the impact of CBD on Alzheimer’s Disease—one in 2014 and another in 2019—this natural compound may help slow down the progression of this neurodegenerative disease. 

The earlier study involves mice that were afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease. The researchers injected a dose of CBD every day for 8 consecutive months to the mice in the experiment group. By the end of it, they have observed how this group exhibited lesser cognitive deficits. The said mice can also better recognize faces. Finally, their tendency to withdraw from others has been reduced significantly, too. 

The 2019 study has human participants to confirm if the same observations could be gathered. Though the results do not indicate that CBD is a cure for the disease, the regular usage of this cannabinoid has the potential to lessen the symptoms and decrease the rate of progression of Alzheimer’s disease among humans. 

Help for People Who Want to Quit Smoking

Cigarette Burning

Some people assume that the only way to effectively take CBD is by smoking. However, a 2013 study has revealed how the use of CBD can help people break the habit of smoking. 

In the study, the participants who are also CBD users have reportedly smoked fewer cigarettes than the non-users. Those who take CBD regularly smoke even less—at around 40% fewer than the others. 

The way this works can be traced back to the ability of CBD to prevent the nicotine from interacting with the part of the body system that urges you to stay addicted to this unhealthy habit. Over time and with repeated intervention, you will feel less dependent on cigarettes, even when faced with the triggers for your addiction to nicotine. 

Some Important Things to Keep in Mind

Before you jump in and try out these unusual uses for CBD, you need to be aware of the probable side effects of taking CBD. By remembering these, you can stay vigilant when browsing through the various CBD products in the market. 

Common Side-Effects of CBD

Yes, CBD is considered generally safe to use for most people. However, some have reported experiencing adverse reactions after using CBD products. 

According to experts, the most common side effects of CBD are diarrhea, fatigue, and nausea.  Others have also reported drowsiness after taking CBD. 

In the clinical studies involving children with epilepsy, the scientists have noted that when CBD interacts with certain seizure medications, it may also lead to abnormal results when the person is tested for normal liver functioning. 

Other medications that could interact with CBD include antidepressants, pain pills, and drugs for diabetes. Given these, seek the professional opinion of your physician first before trying to use CBD for whatever purpose. 

Purchasing CBD Products

Since the popularity of CBD continues to grow nowadays, the market is filled with a vast array of products that make all sorts of claims and promises. Unfortunately, a significant portion is low-quality, while others have not even been lab-tested at all. 

Another risk posed by CBD products is the usage of other ingredients. For example, some CBD tablets that are intended for dietary supplements tend to contain other herbs to increase their value and potential benefits. However, this does not automatically make the tablets high-quality. Those additional herbs might even cause health complications because they could also interact with the other medications that you might be taking.

Be wary of CBD products that claim to be the ultimate solution or treatment for anything. While there have been pieces of evidence of the health benefits that you can reap by using CBD, the effectiveness of the product depends on several factors, such as your physicality, the CBD dosage, and the severity of your medical condition. 

Again, it’s best to get your doctor’s opinion before buying a CBD product. Consult them about the product itself, and inquire about the appropriate dosage for you. 

If that is not an option, look for sellers that offer CBD products with testing certifications from third-party laboratories. It would also be better if the seller releases batch test reports since that will guarantee the safety of the product you wish to purchase. 

Final Thoughts

As researchers continue to explore the probable benefits of using CBD, these unusual applications may get more solid scientific backing in the future. We might learn even more surprising uses for CBD, too.

While waiting for these observations and discoveries, you can go through the available options in the market to try out if these uses for CBD would be effective for you. Just remember the reminders we have shared in this article about the probable side effects and precautionary measures when shopping for CBD products.



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