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Best CBD Skin Care Products - Safely Use CBD for Your Skin in 2020

Top Rated CBD Products for Skin Care

Top Rated CBD Products for Skin Care

To say that CBD has grown in popularity over the past few years would be an understatement. It has exploded and it is continuing to grow. We are seeing more and more CBD companies pop up and we are routinely seeing signs for CBD at local convenience stores and many other places.

CBD has become more mainstream for things like pain relief, inflammation and to help with anxiety. But what about when it comes to something like CBD for skin care and cosmetics? Some recent studies have estimated the value of the global CBD cosmetics market at around $580 million. And projection is that the number could triple by 2025.

It’s probably not surprising to anyone that the majority of the CBD skin care market is founded in North America. A number of skin care and cosmetic outlets are now offering product lines that are infused with CBD oil. With so many new CBD skin care products being offered it’s hard to choose the best CBD skin care products.

We’ve compiled a short list of the top CBD products for skin care that we have come across. There are so many options out there that it’s getting difficult to wade through them all. We’ve tried to put in the time and research to help speed up the process for you.

Best CBD Skin Care Products in 2020

  • Green Gorilla CBD Face Crème
  • cbdMD CBD Revive Squeeze
  • CBDfx Face Oil Serum
  • Joy Organics CBD Cream
  • CBD Living Unscented CBD Lotion
  • Veritas Farms Full Spectrum Beauty Kit

These CBD products for skin care that we have listed here are what we’ve found to be the safest and most effective on the market currently. This list stays up-to-date as new products come out that offer better value.

Green Gorilla CBD Face Crème

Green Gorilla CBD Face CremeThis CBD face crème from Green Gorilla is the ultimate in CBD skin care for your face. Massage this into your face in the morning and evening and you will notice your face looking and feeling healthier and younger.

Green Gorilla has put together a CBD product that works to stimulate collagen production in your face through a rich blend of natural botanicals and other helpful ingredients. 

This lightweight crème will help protect, repair and improve your overall skin texture. This formula is even suitable for those with sensitive skin types as it contains no parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates or animal-derived ingredients.

If you are looking for an anti-aging CBD product look no further than this CBD face crème from Green Gorilla. The ingredients are healthy and plant based, it contains no THC and it has been third party lab tested for quality you can depend on.

cbdMD CBD Revive Squeeze

CBD Revive Moisturizing lotion from cbdMD can help relieve and revitalize your dry, itchy skin. They have come up with a special formula that combines the healing characteristics of CBD with other revitalizing ingredients.

This mixture gives you a revitalizing and healing moisturizing lotion that will not leave your skin feeling messy or greasy. They have combined CBD with other natural ingredients such as acai berry, passion fruit, rice brand and shea butter to give you the ultimate skin care experience.

Broad Spectrum CBD is used in the lotion with and there is 375mg of CBD in each ounce of lotion. This means that cbdMD revive lotion is THC-free. It is also tested by a third-party lab so you can feel confident that it is safe and that you are actually getting what you pay for.

CBDfx Face Oil Serum

CBDfx Rejuvediol Face SerumDoes your face skin need some rejuvenation? Look no further than CBD face oil serum from CBDfx. This is specially formulated to help reduce the signs of aging and to give you a younger and healthier look.

They call this Rejuvediol and for good reason. The blend of ingredients that CBDfx has put together caters to those who have problems with discomfort, acne, wrinkles and sagging. It’s perfect for those of us with sensitive skin.

Face Oil Serum from CBDfx contains 250mg of full spectrum CBD along with other ingredients to help you look and feel your best. Some of these ingredients include rose extract, jojoba, and red raspberry seed oil. 

CBDfx Face Oil Serum is made in the USA and is a truly vegan product as it contains no animal products or harmful ingredients like parabens or phthalates.

Joy Organics CBD Cream

If you have chapped or dry hands or feet you will find this CBD cream from Joy Organics to be a life-saver. When it comes to moisturizing it contains an incredible blend of ingredients that includes organic olive oil, organic glycerin, safflower oleosomes and organic aloe leaf juice.

And, of course, don’t forget about the 250mg of premium CBD in each 1 oz container! It comes from a broad spectrum hemp oil and the formula contains zero THC. It’s also third party lab tested so you can be sure you are getting what you pay for. 

Joy Organics offers free shipping on their products. They are a company that is focused on customer service and customer satisfaction. That is refreshing in a sea of so many companies that do not share that vision. 

If you are looking for a safe and effective CBD cream then this one from Joy Organics will not disappoint.

CBD Living Unscented CBD Lotion

How many of us keep lotion around the house because we get dry hands at various times? Well, with this unscented CBD lotion from CBD Living you can get the benefits of a moisturizing, non-oily daily lotion along with 300mg of nano-CBD for maximum absorption.

CBD Living Lotion is made from high quality natural ingredients and adds in the healing benefits of CBD. Not only does it provide relief from dry and cracked skin but the nano-CBD is absorbed into your bloodstream for the additional overall health benefits of CBD.

This CBD lotion is made from a broad spectrum CBD so it does include the terpenes and flavonoids found in the hemp plant. What you don’t have to worry about is THC because it does not contain any of the psychoactive compounds.

To prove it, their products go through quality checks that include testing to make sure each bottle contains the ingredients it is supposed to contain. CBD Living also offers its CBD lotion in a Lavender and Eucalyptus formula.

Veritas Farms Full Spectrum Beauty Kit

Being and looking your best means you need to take care of your skin and your body. To look your best you have to make it a priority. This CBD beauty kit from Veritas Farms can help you look and feel your best, day in and day out.

Take your daily skin beauty routine to the next level by using these full spectrum CBD skin care products. They are made in the USA and contain less than 0.3% of THC, which makes them legal on the federal level in the US.

This CBD beauty kit includes four different products that you can use in your daily CBD skin care routine. There is a hyaluronic day cream that will moisturize dry skin and improve overall appearance. The rejuvenating night cream will reduce redness and that dull look that we wake up to in the morning. The CBD cucumber eye cream firms up the area around your eyes while reducing puffiness. The CBD blemish cream helps you look and feel younger through CBD and other natural elements.

This CBD beauty kit is really an all-inclusive say to help your skin look and feel younger. Being able to buy it all together in one kit is a great idea and makes it much more convenient for the consumer.

Does CBD Actually Help Your Skin?

Since there are so many CBD skin care products available the assumption would be that CBD does help your skin. But is that actually the case? Well, that answer may depend on who you talk to.

We know that CBD has shown to be effective in treating things like inflammation. This alone can help to make CBD skin care products effective at helping to treat skin conditions caused by inflammation, dryness, eczema or psoriasis.

Based on other studies CBD likely has a positive effect in helping to reduce acne. That is because it helps to reduce the body’s production of sebum that is found in the skin. The overproduction of sebum has been shown to increase the amount of acne.

To be fair, there have been a limited number of studies on how CBD impacts skin care. The studies that have been done are not all inclusive and their findings do not necessarily represent the thought process of the entire scientific community. In short, there really needs to be more testing done before the effects of CBD on skin care can be fully known.

Even though the positive impacts of CBD for skin care are not fully known or understood there is one thing that most do agree on: The use of CBD in skin care products is thought to be safe for your body. If you experience negative side effects of skin care products containing CBD it is most likely coming from other ingredients in the product and not from the CBD itself.

What to Look for On the Product Label

With all of the different terms and nomenclature surrounding CBD it can get pretty confusing. There are different ‘types’ of CBD extracts and you should also pay attention to the amount of CBD in the products. 

On top of that you also need to pay careful attention to all of the other ingredients that are in the product. Your skin is a very important and very visual part of your body. Understanding what you are putting on your skin and the effects it could have are very important.

Types of CBD in Skin Care Products

When it comes to CBD you are going to find three main types. They are usually referred to as full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and CBD isolate. Each of them contains CBD but it is the other stuff that sets each of these apart. We encourage you to read further in our section about ‘What is CBD’ but here is a quick overview of each.

Full Spectrum CBD – This type of CBD extract is going to contain all of the other cannabinoids that are found in the hemp plant. That means it will also contain trace amounts of THC. Just keep in mind that for industrial hemp to be federally legal it must contain less than 0.3% of THC so it’s a very small amount. Full spectrum CBD is often desired by consumers of CBD oil for its entourage effect. 

Broad Spectrum CBD – This type of CBD is still going to contain a broad range of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids that are found in the hemp plant. The main difference is that true broad spectrum CBD doesn’t contain any THC. 

CBD Isolate – You have probably guessed it but a CBD isolate is when the CBD has been isolated by itself. This is the purest form of CBD as it does not contain any of the other cannabinoids from the hemp plant that the CBD is derived from. It is only CBD.

Which Type is Best for CBD Skin Care Products?

The next logical question is which type of CBD you should be looking for when it comes to CBD in your skin care product. Again, there are more studies that need to be conducted so not everyone is going to agree on one type of CBD that is best for your skin.

Your skin contains millions of tiny pores. These pores allow sebum to come to the surface of your skin. This sebum helps to protect and lubricate your skin and also makes it basically waterproof.

The problem comes when these pores get clogged and the sebum can’t get out. That is when you can notice a bump under your skin caused by inflammation and infection. This is also commonly known as acne. It’s something most of us have dealt with and try to avoid.

This is where your CBD skin product comes into play. The more ingredients that are in your CBD skin product, the more likely it will be to clog up your pores and possibly cause an acne outbreak. Full-spectrum CBD contains all of the natural flavonoids and terpenes from the hemp plant but are not thought to cause any skin problems such as acne.

On the other hand, if you have concerns about full-spectrum CBD, we recommend that you seek out a CBD skincare product that contains CBD isolate. This will not contain any THC and will also not contain anything other than CBD in its purest form.

How Much CBD Should Be in My CBD Skin Care Product?

Now that we have talked about the types of CBD you might find in your CBD skin care product it stands to reason we should discuss how much CBD should be in it. First of all, be sure that the product actually contains CBD and not something that is represented as CBD.

When looking at product labels you should be looking for wording such as full spectrum, broad spectrum, or CBD isolate. You may also see things like hemp extract or cannabidiol. CBD is short for cannabidiol. 

What you want to be leery of are words like ‘hemp seed oil’ or ‘cannabis seed oil’. These are not the same things as CBD and will not produce the desired effects. It is common to see these types of skin care products on Amazon because they do not allow the sale of CBD. If they are marketed as CBD skin care products on Amazon then you should take a very hard look because they almost certainly are not CBD.

It probably goes without saying but the higher the percentage, or mg, of CBD on the label the more effective the CBD will be. 

What Are the Other Ingredients?

Finding out and understanding all of the other ingredients in the CBD skin care product may even be more important than how much CBD it contains. Paying attention to all of the ingredients should not be taken lightly.

This is when it becomes important to only use the best CBD brands that you know you can trust. It is also important that these brands use third party lab testing so that you can have visibility to exactly what ingredients the product contains. Using trusted brands is something that we stress when looking for any CBD products, not just CBD for skin care.

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