Top 10 CBD-Infused Drinks

If you don’t find the grassy taste of raw CBD (cannabidiol) oil appealing, CBD drinks may be the ideal alternative for you. The best ones combine great natural flavors with convenience and the promised health benefits of CBD.

In this article, you will find out which CBD-infused drink products from various trusted brands go beyond these criteria to satisfy your taste buds and deliver CBD to your system in a quick but safe way. 

Below are ten CBD-infused drinks that have impressed us this year. Check out each of our recommendations to learn more about your options when you shop for CBD beverages.

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1. CBD Living Sparkling Water

Each can of CBD Living Sparkling Water contains 25 mg of broad-spectrum extract derived from organic hemp grown in Oregon and Colorado. To boost its nutritional value, the brand also added essential vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin A and Trimagnesium Citrate.

What makes this carbonated CBD drink an excellent product is the application of nanotechnology to break down CBD compounds. As a result, your body will be able to absorb CBD and feel its effects faster compared to the typical CBD carriers like MCT oil.

Product Highlights:

  • CBD Living Sparkling Water comes in four tasty flavors: Apple Ginger, Black Cherry, Orange Grapefruit, Peach Honey, and Strawberry Lavender. All variants made use of natural flavors extracted from non-GMO fruits and vegetables.
  • Stevia acts as the sweetener for this CBD-infused drink. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the product’s sugar content.
  • Given the ingredients used for this drink, you can be assured that it is 100% vegan and gluten-free. It also does not contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) so you will not get “stoned” after consuming this product.
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2. CBDfx Chill Shots

Those who need a quick stress reliever should try the CBD Chill Shots from CBDfx. Each serving is packed with 20 mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract and 200 mg of L-Theanine. Together, these ingredients enhance each other’s calming properties that will soothe your mind and ease away the tension from your body.

Did You Know That…

L-Theanine can lower the risk of obesity because it may help lengthen the time before you feel hungry again after eating. This likely stems from the its umami taste, which has also been identified by scientists as metabolism stimulant.

Though the flavor choices is limited to two—Lemonade or Berry—many fans of the product repeatedly purchase because of the refreshing taste of this CBD-infused drink, especially when it is chilled before consumption.

Product Highlights:

  • In addition to CBD and L-Theanine, CBD Chill Shots also contain magnesium, vitamin B6, and zinc to complete the so-called “unwind” formula of CBDfx.
  • The industrial hemp used for this product is sourced from organic, non-GMO farms in Kentucky.
  • The manufacturing process of this CBD drink allows it to be free from harmful solvents. It has also been tested through cruelty-free methods, and a third-party laboratory ensures its potency and compliance to the THC restrictions.
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3. cbdMD Powdered Drink Mix

This CBD product is perfect for those want to get their CDB dosage through either hot or cold drinks. The water-soluble CBD molecules make it compatible with whatever type of beverage you prefer. For example, after a tiring day at work, you may unwind with a cup of CBD-infused drink by just mixing this powder with hot water. If the day feels especially hot, a tall glass of CBD drink with ice cubes will be a refreshing and delightful treat for you.

Each serving of the CBD Powdered Drink Mix has 25 mg of broad-spectrum CBD and 29 mg of Vitamin C. It is also free from caffeine, sugar, and gluten.

Product Highlights:

  • The hemp extract used for this product contains CBD and CBG (cannabigerol). The latter is known as the “mother of all cannabinoids”, and it has promising anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.
  • The CBD Powdered Drink Mix is available in four flavor variants, namely Fruit Punch, Kiwi Strawberry, Lemonade, and Peach.
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4. CBD Living Water

As one of the brand’s flagship products since 2014, the CBD Living Water has developed a loyal following from users who want a simple but effective CBD drink. The newest iteration of this product contains 10 mg of broad-spectrum CBD per 16.9-ounce bottle.

Though CBD is known for having a relatively strong taste, you won’t detect it when you drink the CBD Water. It does not leave any after taste, too. How is this possible?

CBD Living creates their hemp extracts through a technique that breaks down CBD into water-soluble nanoparticles. Aside from making this product taste clean and fresh like regular water, the technology used for CBD Water will also enable you to feel the effects of CBD within a short period.

Product Highlights:

  • CBD Water has a pH level of 9+. As such, it can help you reduce the acidity levels in your body.
  • The product is 100% vegan, kosher, and free from THC.
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5. Pure Hemp Botanicals Tea Lovers

If you can’t go through the day without having a cup of tea, we suggest trying the six delicious tea flavors from the Pure Hemp Botanicals collection. Going for this set will give you all six variants for an affordable price.

Every tea bag consists of 30% industrial hemp obtained from organic farms. Since the brand decided to use full-spectrum CBD, you can also expect to feel the benefits on a stronger degree due to the “entourage effect”, which occurs when the product retains the naturally present terpenes in a cannabis plant.

Product Highlights:

  • This vegan CBD drink does not contain any gluten and has undergone extensive lab testing.
  • The six flavor combinations in this tea collection are Apple Hibiscus, Chamomile Lavender, Ginger Turmeric, Peppermint Mate, Pure Hemp, and Spearmint Lemongrass.

Take Note: Each flavor combination from the Pure Hemp Botanicals Tea collection has special properties that may help you feel better depending on what you need at the moment. For example, if your nightly routine includes drinking a cup of tea, the ideal variant for you will either be the Chamomile Lavender or Pure Hemp. On the other hand, those who want a quick pick-me-up should try the Ginger Turmeric or Peppermint Mate CBD tea.

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6. CBDistillery Daytime Synergy

Start your day with an energy-boosting CBD drink by just pouring a packet of the Daytime Synergy Drink Mix into a bottle of water. Each serving contains 25 mg of broad-spectrum CBD, 60 mg of Vitamin C, 40 mg of Coenzyme Q10, and 10 mg of caffeine. This blend of ingredients will not only power you through the day—they will also strengthen your immune system.

This orange-flavored, water-soluble drink mix is quick and easy to prepare. As such, it can be an ideal part of your regular workout routine, or a supplement for your everyday meals.

Product Highlights:

  • The product is sweetened with Stevia extract to minimize its sugar content while still retaining its natural orange flavor.
  • The hemp extract used for this CBD Drink Mix is obtained from the aerial parts of the hemp plant. Therefore, you may expect for this beverage to deliver more potent effects.
  • The brand offers a 60-day money guarantee for its customers as a sign of how confident they about the effectiveness of their CBD drink.
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7. Cloud Water

This carbonated CBD drink tastes fruity and sweet even though it has 25 mg of pure hemp extract. It gets its tangy flavor from the combination of blackberries and lemon juice, while organic honey is used to as a natural sweetener. It also smells great because the drink bears a hint of rosemary, too.

Some people enjoy drinking Cloud Water every evening as a substitute for their usual glass of wine or cocktail. Others prefer to bring it along with them so that they can take a sip whenever they need to hydrate throughout the day.

Product Highlights:

  • Cloud Water is packaged in an eco-friendly 12-ounce bottle.
  • Given its ingredients, the product only has 40 calories per serving. Everything used for this CBD drink is non-GMO, and you won’t have to worry about gluten as well.
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8. Aurora Elixirs

Aurora Elixirs takes pride in their premium sparkling CBD beverages that are not only delicious, but smooth and aromatic, too.

Each 200-ml bottle has 25 mg of broad-spectrum hemp. Natural flavors were used for every variant, and as a sweetener, the brand used organic cane sugar.

With its four flavors, you will likely find a profile that matches your palate. For example, those who enjoy earthy and citrusy drinks should try the Rosemary Grapefruit flavor. On the other hand, we recommend the Cayenne Citron flavor for those who want to prefer beverages with a spicy kick.

Product Highlights:

  • In addition to the Rosemary Grapefruit and Cayenne Citron flavors, other variants available are the Lavender Orange and Blackcurrant Spruce.
  • If you’re interested to try all flavors, Aurora Elixirs offer a Hemp Multipack, which consists of either 1 or 3 bottles of each flavor.
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9. CBD Living Instant Coffee

Coffee lovers should check out this CBD Instant Coffee. It has three variants: Black Coffee, Golden Milk, and Matcha. Regardless of your choice, every bottle consists of Colombian Arabica coffee beans and 250 mg of broad-spectrum CBD.

Through the application of CBD Living’s Self-Emulsifying method, you will feel the CBD effects from this beverage faster than usual.

Product Highlights:

  • The CBD Instant Coffee may be enjoyed hot or cold. Preparing this drink can be as simple as stirring in a teaspoon of the CBD coffee into a cup of water, or as elaborate as the fancy coffee drinks that you might want to recreate in the comfort of your own home.
  • All types of CBD Instant Coffee are vegan, kosher, gluten-free, and non-GMO.
  • The coffee beans used for this product observes the Fair Trade policies. As such, you can rest assured that your coffee is sourced from Rainforest Alliance certified suppliers.
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10. Hemptealicious

If you have specific tastes when it comes to your tea, then you might be better off with the single-flavor packs offered by Hemptealicious rather than the six-flavor set from Pure Hemp Botanicals.

The choice of flavor is totally up to you. If you’re a traditional kind of person, the Pure Hemp Tea might be the best choice for you. Go for the Apple Hibiscus Tea if you want something that is subtly sweet. The Chamomile Lavender Tea is perfect for those who need to unwind after a taxing day. Cold, dreary days can be made warmer with a cup of Ginger Turmeric CBD Tea, but if you need an energy-boost instead, the best pick for you is the Peppermint Mate Tea. Lastly, the Spearmint Lemongrass Tea is popular among those who enjoy refreshing yet soothing drinks.

Product Highlights:

  • Each pack of Hemptealicious has 16 tea bags of your chosen flavor.
  • Since this CBD tea is caffeine-free, you can enjoy it any time of the day, even right before bedtime.
  • The brand derived the CBD full-spectrum extracts from organic industrial hemp.

Why CBD Drinks Are So Beneficial for Overall Wellness

Given the advantages and benefits of consuming CBD-infused drinks, we believe that it can be a vital part of everyone’s wellness routine. To elaborate, here are the main perks that you can gain through these products:

CBD drinks foster a sense of calm without requiring tricky or complex processes

Research shows that when CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the body, you will have chances of managing your stress and anxiety levels. Since most of the products that we have recommended are ready-to-drink or easy to prepare, you won’t have to burden yourself with getting the dosage right every time you need CBD to calm your mind and body.

CBD-infused drinks can be enjoyed at any time of the day or night

Depending on the other ingredients used for the CBD beverage, you may feel varied effects that will enhance your day or night. For example, those who want to kick-start their day with an energizing drink should go for CBD drinks with caffeine or citrusy ingredients. On the other hand, those who want to use CBD as a way to improve their sleep should try drinking CBD tea half an hour before going to sleep.

CBD drinks can help you recover faster a physical workout

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. Since muscle pain and cramps result from inflamed tissues, you can get relief and recover quickly if you would keep yourself hydrated with CBD-infused water or juices.

Post Workout Drink

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD-Infused Drinks

Do still feel hesitant to getting your CBD dose through juices and carbonated drinks? To help you clear these doubts and be more confident about these products, we have answered some questions that you might still have about CBD drinks.

  1. Are CBD Drinks Safe to Use?

    Yes! According to the WHO (World Health Organization), CBD by itself is safe to consume in most cases. However, if you are taking other medications or undergoing medical treatments, it is best to seek the professional advice of your physician before consuming any CBD drink.

  2. Will These Drinks Get Me High?

    No, CBD drinks will not get you high because it does not have psychoactive properties like its more popular cousin—THC. Be sure to check and read the product labels and third-party lab results before purchasing though. In the US, all CBD products must not contain more than 0.3% of THC.

  3. Can I Take These CBD Beverages While Taking Other Supplements?

    As mentioned earlier, experts do not recommend taking CBD products with other medications, including dietary supplements. Doing so may lead to unwanted and unpleasant side effects, such as nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, and in extreme instances, liver damage. It may also interfere with the activation of the other supplements you are taking, thus preventing you from reaping their health benefits.

  4. How Quickly Will I Feel the Effects of a CBD Drink?

    The exact time varies from one person to another, but in general, it will take two to five hours for your body to absorb the CBD and feel its effects. However, some brands have managed to shorten this process by breaking down CBD into water-soluble nanoparticles that can be absorbed by the body much more quickly.

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