Lennox Carey

Lennox is a CBD enthusiast who strives to bring his readers joy through the words he writes. Lennox is a devoted husband and father who has been a part of the CBD game since it's early stages. If you need to know something about the CBD Industry, Lennox is your guy. Contact him today with any questions you might have.

Best CBD products for Horses

Horses in Field

Horses are majestic creatures that seem to have their own personality, much like humans. They are also like humans in that they have an Endocannabinoid System(ECS) as we do. And, like humans, the best CBD products for horses can provide health benefits by working through their ECS. To save you time and frustration we have …

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CBD vs Xanax for anxiety

In this day and age anxiety and anxiety disorders are becoming all too commonplace. Life has become extremely difficult for many people. These tough times have led a lot of people to become excessively worried and sometimes unable to function properly in their daily activities. If you are battling these types of feelings of anxiety …

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