Kody Miller

Kody Miller is a devoted husband and father of two wonderful girls. He has worked in SEO and digital marketing for over five years, and enjoys writing, editing, designing and much more! Kody is relatively new to the CBD market but has taken a keen interest in gaining as much knowledge as he can and is doing quite well with it. Using his skills he hopes to bring as much knowledge and awareness as he can. Get to know him by reading all of his blog posts here at TheCBDGuru.org!

Myth or Fact: The CBD Edition

CBD in Vials in Forest with Moss Around

Hello and welcome to my first (and possibly only) edition of, Myth or Fact: The CBD Edition!  I have been around the CBD industry long enough now to talk to seasoned CBD users and plenty of beginners to the scene. It’s still relatively new all things considered, so there is no surprise that there are …

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