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Jayden Pire is a young, fun-loving and inspired writer who graduated from the University of Pittsburgh. A big advocate for the nationwide legalization of marijuana, Jayden's proud to provide his readers with the latest news and updates on CBD. His goal is to ensure that every reader leaves the site with a positive perspective on the CBD industry and has an open mind toward legalization efforts that will help provide a safer alternative to prescription pain killers. Aside from writing, Jayden enjoys spending time with his dog and binge-watching his favorite television show on repeat.

5 Cannabis Stocks Soar After GW Pharmaceuticals’ Acquisition

Stock Price Uptrend

So far, 2021 has been an exciting year for the stock market and small-time investors. After a group of Redditors stood together and fought back against a multi-billion dollar hedge fund bet against GameStop, share owners for the company, along with other stocks that are popular among meme culture, watched their stock value rise dramatically.

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