About The CBD Guru

We started TheCBDGuru.com because we have been in your shoes. We have been the skeptic who has heard about CBD and wondered what it was all about and whether or not it would actually help us in our daily lives.

Once we tried it and found out that it actually does help us in many ways we have been trying to learn more about CBD and trying to find the safest and best CBD brands and products on the market. 

It’s because of this journey of where we have been and where we are now that we decided to start The CBD Guru. 

Our mission is to help you learn about CBD, find the products that are going to help you and your loved ones and keep you updated on what is going on in the world of CBD. We want to be your trusted source for all things CBD related.

Meet Our Authors

Lennox Carey: Editor-in-Chief

Lennox has been involved with the cannabis industry well before it became mainstream. He has long believed in the positive effects it can have on people when used correctly and decided to make a career out of his passion. He is an expert in the market and always staying on top of what is happening and how things are continually changing. He believes more than ever in the importance of what CBD and hemp can do to benefit people of all walks of life and that is why he continues to work so hard at what he does here. Read more about Lennox and see all of his articles on his bio page.

Jayden Pire: Senior Reporter

Jayden has seen the positive effects of CBD first hand and since then has had a strong passion to help other people reap the same types of benefits. He loves reporting on the latest news and updates in the industry, especially as he sees more and more acceptance of both CBD and marijuana. He loves having open discussions with others about what’s happening and enjoys putting his own spin on things. Jayden continually follows what is going on throughout the market and provides insights like no other. Learn more about Jayden and see all of his articles here.

Rachel Simms: Content Creation Specialist

Rachel is a huge advocate of CBD and the benefits it can have for people. She has been writing in the industry for many years now for many different sites including her own. She is a big proponent for the legalization of marijuana nationwide and has a passion for bringing awareness to everyone that she has a chance to be in contact with. You can read more about her and see a full list of her articles here.

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